Any experience with drip irrigation

I’ve been considering a drip irrigation system for my next grow, but need lots of information on em, are they worth it? What’s the difference? Is there ANY benefits? Etc etc, any information is greatly appreciated!! THANKS!! Oh and I’ll be using MOTHER EARTH 70 30 coco perlite mix, with BLOOM CITY ORGANICS KIT!!

Can you put up a description?

Keep in mind that cannabis doesn’t like wet feet in soil and it will do best with wet and dry cycles every few days. A constant drip may cause problems.

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ACTUALLY more importantly WHAT IS THIS, on a few branches on a few leaves closest to the buds BUD ROT?

@Covertgrower, @Hellraiser, @BobbyDigital @MidwestGuy, @Myfriendis410,. Hey you guys I’m so sorry to switch up in this thread, but this has got me seriously concerned it’s ONLY literally on TWO branches but what is it, and do I need to take action?

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Definitely buds. It’s not common but it does happen from time to time. No worries.

Are you in flower yet?

@HappyHydroGrower yes almost to harvest it’s just those 2 SMALL branches got me worried here’s the whole flower tent, the one up front is the one with the spots!!

you say it’s what?

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Sorry brother! I thought you were questioning the buds on the leafs.

Spots look like that part of the bud may be dying. So close to harvest, I’m not sure it’s that much to worry about unless it’s wpm.

I would def wait for others opinion. Good luck.

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I would get rid of that humidifier. It isn’t needed during flowering.


@MidwestGuy, you know what? I just thought about it, I have a gallon of pH’d water mixed with some RAW brand vitamin B, for times when my plants get a little too stress, and the day before yesterday I was moving em around while feeding so I used my turkey baster like I always do, to give them 1oz of the vitamin B, and I’m wondering is that the splash/drips doing that to those little spots, AND since it literally just on 2 small branches if it becomes too concerning can I cut those 2 branches off?

@MidwestGuy, and I need to be clear, your saying DON’T use a dehumidifier while in flower?

My humidity has been at a constant 35-45 RH

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I swing my temps by nearly 20 degrees for lights on and off tho, trying to get the crystal meth to turn purple (which is working great)

Correct. It is clearly causing problems. What you have there is bud rot, which is usually present in environments that are too humid.

I don’t know anyone who uses vit B. I would stick with the basics for healthy plants - proper nutrient levels, proper temp and humidity, plenty of light.

@MidwestGuy ok I got the diagnosis, now WHAT DO I DO? :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Read the article.

@MidwestGuy, bro I need your advice and anyone else who’s experienced, Should uncut off the infected branches, early harvest, or what, how will I know if my other plants are infected does it look bad enough to have spread, I read the article and STILL don’t know what I should do!!!

And how in the world did I get it, my temps are always between 75-82 and RH is between 35-45 ALWAYS keep the environment stable for this reason!!

You can cut off the affected parts or the 2 whole stems. I wouldn’t want mold spores floating around my grow room. I would put a baggie over them to contain spores when you cut them off. Carry the rotted parts out, protected by the baggie and get rid of them.

I’m surprised to see but rot if your RH managed as you indicate. Are you misting?

Like every few days yes, THAT’S IT ISN’T IT?