Any experience with Bush Doctors Kangaroots


Just got a free bottle of kanga roots root drench, any 1 got experience with this in a dwc bucket?, I use the 3 part AN, and would like to get some feed back, I normally transplant from a rapid rooter to my DWC bucket and use half strength nutrients with superthrive, any suggestions on use would be awesome and what strength, thanks guys!!!

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I use it and there microbe brew. It’s just microbes :microbe: if u know how they work

How do you like it in your experience, and when do you add it in to your feed schedule according to your experience

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Root drench to help establish roots. And the microbe brew to activate the plant food and make it available for the plants when needed. I think it words great . One week with the drench then one week with the brew. Off and on .