Any comments on my progress see pics


I am a first time grower indoor


Dates are on each oic


coming along nice :slight_smile:


Looking nice Greg, keep up the great work :smile:


They look awesome, what strains?


Stay that course looking good :evergreen_tree:


Thanks Hammer, latest pics attached.

I had quite a few fungus gnats, the adults dead but larvae still there dispite the addition of Diatomaceous Earth
Dosent seem to have effected the growth or quality


looks like their gaining speed hold your course lol and best wishes its looking good and that’s no hot air :grin:


Thanks alot


Thanks heaps 

From today, hope thats not too many pics, just excited this is a 2x2x2 M room


what is the strain or variety ?? they appear to be moving at very good pace


Fem, mostly Indica, I think white widow. Cant find the order, pretty bad AH?


are those t-8 s on the side lighting and what make of bulbs iam curious


Sorry not sure what T8 is, first time grower.
I used a 600W HPS with Veg stage then changed to red spectrum for flower, I just had the twin fluro for the sprouting sitting there, when the HPS went in when I got the grow room I bought another twin fluro (light wothout the heat) and put one ether side


T8 refers to the size of your fluroescent bulb. There are multiple sizes; T12, T8, and T5. That’s what he is asking. Most people use T5 HO bulbs (High Output), or T5 VHO bulbs (Very high output). And do you mean MH and not HPS? Most people commonly use the MH bulb (bright white/blue light) for the veg cycle. The HPS bulb (orange/red light) is used for flower cycle. Or did you actually veg with an HPS bulb, and flower with it as well?


Fluro have no markings so what ever is standard,
The light in the pic is the veg, then I put the red spectrum in for flowering


yes ktreez420 is correct ,i was wandering exactly what kind of florescent tubes your using …they are many …:grinning:


Happy Happy ladies ! Nice:)


I love it ! Frickin magical buds ! Keep the petal down finish strong !!! Awesome!!!


I just bought them at the hardware store or home depot in US of A