Any clue on what is going on here?

These are OG Kush plants that are just starting to flower good. Not sure why some of the buds are turning purple and a strange leaf formation. Any info would be greatly appreciated.


L@@ks like bug damage…but I give it time for others to look at and respond…
but those little white flying moths lay eggs and then they hatch into caterpillars and just eat your plants… where they eat the plant turns brown and damages the leaves, they get inside of the buds and then they start eating the stem itself , one day you have this beautiful looking Bud the next day you go out and the bud is just loosen laying to the side because the Caterpillars have eaten the stalk…so you really want to take care of the caterpillars… I used to just deal with it and throw away whatever was damaged… lost a lot Bud that way
it was here on this blog I learned about Captain Jack’s deadbug Brew that shit Works awesomeness, and I mean it works! Anything that is on those plants and it gets sprayed dies immediately and I mean flies don’t even have a chance to fly away and they’re dead…


But as I said before give it some time for others to respond, I’ve been growing from many many many years
but I was the kind of Grow that just grew it and hoped it turned out… you know the mindset it’s a freaking weed throw it in the freaking ground and let it grow
BUT!!! as the years went by I pick up a little thing here a little thing there my garden would get a little better…BUT just not what i was going for… then I found this blog!!! now my garden is exploding with the finished product lookin like it came out of the club, thoses rock hard nugs…

Hey thanks for the input. I have been using the Captain Jack’s this year for the first time. It has seemed the bugs have gotten worse as the summer has moved along. I also have kind of winged it for years as far as growing goes. I have encountered some issues this year and this blog has helped. I have learned alot what to do and not to do. I have some other plants that look fine with not problems. I will keep a close eye on things. And hope to get any other comments that anyone has. Thanks brother.

Curious have you been getting a lot of rain in your area looks like plants outside. Last picture with the Leafs curling and blistered definitely something going on with the plant. Do you have good drainage on your pot?

Hey Kellydans, no we have been in a drought around here for the last month. Drainage is good. They are in organic soil. Have been giving a little extra water due to the heat and lack of rain.

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Are you letting the pots dry out between watering ?

Yes trying to. It has been in low 90’s and seem to dry out quickly.

Hhhmmm…that’s definitely not good. @Cannabian is outdoor guy he may can help

can you fill out a support ticket? Include things like… how long its been in the pot? Brand or type of soil… what and how often you add to your water? Have you sprayed anything on your plant.
And of course, all the other stuff… please and :blush:

Yes brother for sure.

OG Kush
Organic soil from Lowe’s
Set in pots Late May
Was watering every 3 days up it to every other due to heat and drought
Been using Fox Farms Nutes
Been applying Captain Jackes must of the summer
Very hot and humid summer

Looks very similar to something I’m experiencing. It’s been going off and on in three of my plants, grown outside, gorilla style, different locations all seed of convient heritage. I first noticed a bit of darkening in the growth tips at 4"tall.
100% Organic grow, tomato tone, FPJ, banana tea deep alluvial soils.

I’m wondering if this isn’t either a genetic bump, a “sport” or mutation. Sometimes mutations are the result of a virus or this might be some form of mosaic virus. Otherwise my plants are happy as clams.
This kind of mtuation is frequently seen in Japanese Maples.

This is my first grow and I’m loving it.

Yes brother that looks very similar. I have been seeing it since they started flowering a couple weeks ago. I have a couple other plants that are just fine and these dont seem to be hurting other then a few spots. I also was wondering if it was some kind of mutation. It has been a long hot summer and put bunch of time into this crop. Just dont want to see something weird at the end.

Thanks for the info. Im already super glad that i joined this forum.

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