Any chance that a "feminized" seed could turn out male?

I have two Durban Poisons in our screen room, and they look totally different. One is much taller and already up against the roof of that room again (after taking a foot off the top two weeks ago!), where the other is wider.

If there is any chance of the big one being male I am more than willing to cut and hang it today. We have a friend who is a beekeeper who uses the leaf in his smoker- says it seems to calm them down!


Sure, but really what is going on is it’s two different plants. Just like two brothers: one is short and fat and the other tall and thin. It happens. They call it genetics lol. More than likely you are just fine.

Good strain choice BTW.


@zippy49 most of these seeds will express 2 to 4 phenotypes. Tall doesn’t mean male. Are you in flower? You should be seeing signs of sex shortly and have a few days to chop if she turns out to be a he. That is the only really proof, pollen sacs, I mean outside of a lab and a bit of money.

No I am not in flower quite yet, it’s outdoor. It seems like waiting for a giant plant to show balls in a crowded grow is a bad idea. I really need better access in there. Tthe difference between the two a foot and a half.

I haven’t seen an answer to my original question - has anyone ever had a male in a pack ot feminized seeds?

Yes it does happen, usually not a male out right but a seed that is more likely to go hermi. If your that worried I would chop right now for piece of mind, but if were me i would wait till I can properly sex the plant. I’ve grown the same strain from multiple seed at the same time and gotten a wide range of sizes. If you are after uniformity, grow out a seed, and take clones from her once she starts to flower. Revert the clones for a few weeks of veg and let them all go to flower. Given same lighting, water, nutes, will produce a common sized crop, usually.

Up to this point it’s all hypothetical without some fine color pictures…how about an overall of each plant and look for any ‘structures’ or ‘spikes’ at nodes. Take a shot or two of those two if you would. Before chopping.

I’ve grown about 6 Gold Leaf plants and 3 were gigantor-leaved things that were looking to eat you and the other 3…not so much. But all flowered nicely and got north of 10 zips from some and 12 from others.

Usually males show their traits quite a bit early so that’s something.

I would say any cannabis plant has potential to self pollinate based on my unfortunate experience recently. Just cut down everything in my flower room after 3 or 4 different strains from the same seed bank all seeded out. I’m still unsure if it’s something I did or didnt do or bad genetics. Happened to me in 2 seperate tents with photoperiod and autoflower strains that were all femenized according to the source.

Pics?? Hardbto tell from here.

Okay, here are a few pics. This screen room varies from 6 to 7 feet tall with a 6’ x 8’ footprint. The plants are on a drip system, so I’m not in the mood to take them out for pics.

First pic is the big Durban, note the hard-to-see topping cut that I did a month ago. It’s right in front of the shed window. Second pic is the new top, bent against the fiberglass roof.

Then a pic of a magic melon clone that I kind of abandoned out in the open. It is near the screen room, and I hoped that the night light in there would keep it in veg, but oops!

PS I have no interest in cutting clones, they simply don’t have the vigor of a seedling. That’s why I’m here. And my grows are strictly for my family’s personal use.

Bottom line is that I have flipped the screen room lights off - next I’ll top the girls again and let them all bloom out.

Well, okay. Whenever you DO feel like taking pictures then we can try to help. Good luck with your grow.

Take another look, please. This is as good as the pics get, as I am trying to maintain some privacy (therefore little is shown that might violate that) and it’s truly a jungle in there. Google maps is not my friend!

Once I get them topped and they show some bloom I’ll take a few more pics. I will add some bloom nutrients to the water they’ve been living on; they will be on Open Sesame in a day or two. The plants are too leggy to put out in our afternoon winds, so they are staying in the screen room to bloom out.

I’m actually kind of excited about this… been a couple of years since I’ve had a grow.