Any breeders out there?


Just looking for tips really. Is there a method to choosing which strains to cross? Just researching as it will be awhile til I have some pin money for more seeds. Was thinking Durban poison x chocolope or ss haze x ? Because I have 8 of those already


It depends on what you’re looking for , you cross plants and breed plants to get them to grow in their environment that you supply , that’s why I like to take strains for long periods , they will enjoy themselves as they go , if they don’t they die and go away… I would love to give everybody this strain that I have , just to have it , if you grow in small places … only gets about a foot-high a foot-and-a-half , a Cola the size of a football and is ridiculous as far as stoney and taste…:v::sunglasses:


Hey man this is what I am trying to do myself. And just from what little bit that I have grown I can tell you it’s just like making babies. If you paid attention in science class you learned about the X and Y cromosomes and when bread you get a x and Y cromosome dependING on which one is dominate that is the trait that will come out like blue or brown eyes or black or blonde hair and the same goes for plants. So really it’s all just trail and error. And even though you may get what you want you can still have 2 plants from the same mother and father but both be totally different. These are called phenotypes I have a white rhino strain and some of them will grow short and have massive colas and the other will grow out of control stretching like crazy no matter what ya do for it. And when you get a phenotype you don’t want just try and eradicate it don’t breed it and don’t save any seeds that may come out of it. It’s a lot of work but for me it means more to know I made the strain I’m smoking by cross breading different strains to make my own. No idea is a bad idea unless you never attempt it. So I say go for and see what happens you never know what you will get until you try it and see. Good growing and spread them seeds!!:slight_smile:


Was it mendelevi or somebody with the beans ? I did ok but was a while ago lol. Was thinking about getting Greg greens breeders bible. But last time I got a growing weed book it was just pix of bad grow rooms. Was thinking sativa Just recently tried some and I like lol


So I need reg seeds to get a male -can I use a feminized seed plant and a male ? Or do I need a regular female (if theres a difference)
I thought there were more regular strains here so I guess poppa will be jack herer


Like breeding dogs right? So keep the good ones and toss the not good ones and keep breeding again?


Yes you will need regular seed to get a true male. I have bread males to feminized plants but I cant tell you anything because I haven’t tried planting any. I have been focusing on my clones and trying to get them going in the right direction. The only difference that I know of is that the feminized seeds are made by making a female plant produce pollen, which makes the seeds from that plant have no actual male gene but only female genes. This is very tricky to me because in order to get the feminized seed your bring out the hermie genes in the plant and your seeds can carry that on to the next generation. And yes just like breeding anything else you want to keep your best looking or the traits your wanting and just toss any other seed from plants you don’t want. And one huge tip is to keep everything marked very well. I collect my pollen in the smallest mason jars and mark the lid of the plant it came from you can also keep this in the freezer for up to 6 months I know of for sure and still be good.I will also put some tape labeled on each branch that I put pollen on and the best thing I have used is a small paint brush static charge it so the pollen will stick to it and just light rub it on the white hairs.


That’s what I originally wanted to do with the female pollinating but wasn’t sure about hermie trait :neutral_face:


It’s just a gamble… like playing Russian rullette.:!


If I were you I would start experimenting dude. Just go with the flow, I’m sure you’ll learn a lot more by doing in with hands on.


Yeah that’s what I’m thinking and time lots of time. Don’t know til you do it Reminds me when new cats are like what exactly do I need to do. I dunno lol. Do this or that or half this half that


I don’t know if you have found it or not but they are a couple of good articles about polling in the guide section of this site. But I totally agree with @ktreez420 the best thing to do is start experimenting and get yo hands dirty lol I just started growing back in February of this year and I already have over 300 seeds from about 8 different strains I’m playing around with. Here are the links i was talking about


Cool. Yeah I always forget about the ilgm articles. Usually find elsewhere. Only thing I’m hung up on is whether to use fem or males. Probably just use males hopefully I’ll get some and the money for seeds of course
I’ve only bought 16 seeds so far for a total of $120? Money tight I squeeze a nickel so hard that Jefferson lets out a tear :cry: :joy:
So ss haZe will be momma for sure.
Really wanna play with some Durban poison
Ss urban haze. Lol


I turned one stem on my freaky nla and got pollen. I did collided silver 30ppm for 4 weeks when she started flowering. Just messing around. Males is the way to go. I’m going to get some Hindu Kush reg and ilgm’s jack regular seeds for males.


I got a short list I wanna try growing
Durban poison
Something fruitish
Big bud

And seeing how a high yield does cross with lowryder.


Lol unless somebody pays for some seeds and has them sent to me I’m gonna be in the research phase for quite awhile. Oh well hard to grow between December and April here chilly house Feel like a kid looking through the sears toy catalog :joy: I used to circle like 200 toys and give to my mom and she would relay that to Santa for me I don’t think he got my order though cause I’d end up getting like one toy


I also blame @FyshhTrap lol for growing DB. What a shame.
DB= da bomb :joy::joy:


That grow was a lot of work , totally enjoyed it, my new list of seeds are,
Gold Leaf
Girl Scout Cookies Extreme
Train Wreck
Blue Dream
Could just imagine crossing Crystal with Amnesia Haze , Holy good god !!!
Already bought the High yield mix pack Chocolope , Big Bud , Amnesia Haze for next years grow!!


You know why eyes get red? Gh ought it was smoke in eyes but when I eat a lot my eyes get as red as red can get


I’ll be interested in you review of the Crystal.