Any body heard from bob31


Just haven’t seem him on lately Always very helpful hope everything is cool @Countryboyjvd1971


I saw something about him leaving for personal reasons, but I don’t remember where or when.


thanks for the info


Or lack thereof…sorry.


Found it:


Bummer i hope he finds his way back to the garden he will be missed . We will keep his secateurs oiled for his return.


Bob has stepped down and left our community for personal reasons for now
i have not heard from him since he let me know he was planning on leaving
Sadly, he will be missed


He was one of the first to jump in and help when I first joined and asked a question. To be missed, for sure.


Sorry to hear this…same here he was the first to welcome me and help me get on track…
Pray life is treating him kindly :v:


I remember when @bob31 joined. he was a really great addition to the forum, he will be missed for sure


Wow that sucks. I consider him a mentor for sure.


Im still taken back by the turn of events and his departure as well folks
Im sure his decisions where the best for him
“it has to be this way” is all he said to me and I respect his decision
He will always be welcome here
Happy growing folks


@Countryboyjvd1971 sorry to change topics… How come I am not a “Regular” member? Idk seems like I been here forever logging in everyday, well almost.


You must still be irregular.




Thank you for posting that. I was going to go get it when I saw your post thumb


My pleasure. :wink::metal:


Thanks @Rugar89 I like being a member anyways :wink: haha


ill look into it @AmnesiaHaze
give me a few
looks like garrigan checked lol


Damn that sucks. Just came back after a busy winter. We’ll miss you bob31, go PATS.