Any Autoflower Recommendations..?

Can anyone recommend a very high yielding, high thc Autoflower…?

It must grow mainly straight up (1 main stalk) and be able to be grouped close together.


Blueberry is awesome , strong , and Amnesia haze also , any cheese or skunk .

Thanks yoshi, I’m looking one as I’ve described above that also that grows one main kola

@yoshi I couldn’t find your thread where you wrote about the different autoflowers you did, if I recall they did about 3 ounces, I’m guessing it was the blueberry?

I’m looking for a strong couch lock type with one main Cola and not much branching

The name of the thread was "First time growing auto flowersAmnesiahaze and blueberry , and the haze did 3 ounces and the blueberry did 4.5 with advance nutrients grandmaster level .

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Thanks @yoshi …awesome yield!