Any ashholes out there?

I am aware of all the folks out there who love to see that perfect white powder ash after cashing a bowl. I too love it when the weed is perfectly on point.

Now there are also beer folks out there that believe that there is nothing better than a fine micro brew. I too loooove a good ipa, witbeer, abbey…

However, i also like a bud that knocks me on my ass or sets me down to relax… regardless of the ash. I dont care if there are pieces of tar hanging off it big enough to put a goodyear logo on it.

I also love a PBR on a hot day. My beer freinds who wouldnt touch a PBR with a ten foot pole just to wash their peckers in… we call…

BEER SNOBS!:face_with_monocle:

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As for the weed guys that snub their nose at good ole old fashioned homegrown… you know the stuff that could season a cast iron pot with?? Well i believe we should call them


Wait a minute! Im an asshole! But I grow homegrown by definition, its my home where I grow my dope! I always smoke from glass, have yet to smoke any of last years weed in a rolling paper. I drink craft beer because cheap beer makes me piss a lot! Could be do to my age? Ash? Never had a problem making ash with my dope! I dont use chemical fertilizer so why would my ash be anything but ash?


I’m more interested in an even burn when I twist one up.

(I like Bud Lite lol)


Id like to thank @Cannabian for making my point and solidifying my position… god lookin out bro​:call_me_hand::fist_right:. Jambo-fistbump! Lol

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So are you saying Im an ok asshole? Or just an asshole?

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recently, like in the last few years, Ive switched to rum and fruit juices in an effort to reduce the amount of unwanted piss! Combine that with pot I grew that is far too strong and I think I remember my name but where did my feet go?


Rite there with ya dude. I was a casual smoker back 15 yrs ago. Couple times a year. When i discovered it helped with ptsd and sleep. I didnt mind street ditch weed. Grew my own… ill quit before i go back to street weed.

Not quite an ashhole but you bring a 1/4 oz of crap to my house ill smoke all of it like cigarretes just to prove its trash. Then give you 3 bong rips of trainwreck and draw dicks on your face while you drool in the corner. Im that kinda freind​:crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:

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Well I’m definitely in the ‘chronic’ category haha.

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Dont know about the dicks on face thing? But I get the strong dope thing! I grew an outdoor last year that is the wierdest pot Ive ever smoked. Gets you super high, cant sleep for hours after you smoke it! It has almost zero smell when you smoke it but leaves a strong taste if lemon weed in your mouth? Go figure? 2 tokes max! My buddies love it because they can smoke it and work! Sorta! Ive seen them work on it. Like watching zombies forget shit over and over again! What was that measurement again? What measurement? You know the one I forgot? Oh i forgot, let me get it again. What were we measuring again?

This is the offender here… I think its toxic bad juju!I have a couple jars of it left, guaranteed to last all year! :laughing:total asshole pot!


My stuff always burns pretty white, 2 weeks water only before harvest.


How did your pvc high tunnel workout? I was planning to build one this year, but decided to go with an indoor setup. How does it hold up to wind?

it held up perfectly fine. Not sure if it would withstand Kansas winds or a hurricane to good but seems to stay put with tree swaying winds