Any Advise on grow tents?¿☆☆

I need a tent for 4 plants only have around 100 bucks to spend maybe a little more if its necessary. I know thats not much budget but i have already spent twice what i intended too trying to start up.i looked at Appollo and thought that was a winner but saw some reviews that said it had light leaks and a zipper with a propensity to get stuck.Thanks for takin the time to elp the new guy

You growing Auto or Photosensitive seeds?

Why I ask is with Autos, you don’t really need a tent, IMO.

I got a generic 2x4x6 tent for just under $50 on eBay. Only complaint, the fan holes are only 3-1/2", so I had to put my 4" duct fans in the bigger 7-1/2" holes (why they made all the holes 1/2" too small is probably why it was <$50!), but other than that small inconvenience, it suits my needs fine. I’m growing autos now, but it looks like it’ll be light-proof enough for photos too.

In growing both actually…tell me if im wrong.I thought i read somewhere that with LEDs that reflection isnt useful? I only ask incase i decide to just make something and buy a tent on my next grow

I don’t know about LEDs, but now that you mention it, I doubt reflected CFL light is much good either, since the effective range is only 4-8" anyway.

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@4play, First Welcome to ILGM if you need any other help in growing, just ask. OK

Here is a link to a 4x4x 68

Hope this helps

@garrigan62 Thanks for helpin out Bud. I was thinking about a 48" x 24" x6’ something around those dimensions. .i was hopin i could find one close to that size with a divider to separate 2 sq ft on each side ao if i want to grow /flower on one side and germ on the other ,to kinda keep a system going and be able to take out the divider for more space if i grow some monsters or more plants.or do they have any small tents that can be combined or zipped together at the side to make a bigger tent.

Also on a side note. Im growing some auto White Widow and some pineapple haze reg. All started same time ,same medium and light. Do i have a misconception or isnt the auto supposed to grow faster than the pineapple? ? The 2 small seedlings in this pic are my widows


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Thanks @vicbesos420. I do have 2 mars hydro Led that are supposed to arrive thursday and i figured the ventilation ducts can be connected outside the tent. So i do have a question. How many holes do you think i need for a standard grow room

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