Any advice would be awesome

I joined this group because I need help. I am on my first grow I loaded. A picture in here I hope that it goes through pergoes through. I don’t know a whole lot about the ph I get the gist of it. I do have a ph tester. I am about 7 weeks into veg and I’m going to flower in about one week. I give liquid notes. I am using the Fox farm trio that I bought. Using about half the suggested amount may be even less every other watering. I am watering about about one gallon every watering I have them in 12 gallon pots.Everything has been going so smooth so far but I’m worried I’m going to run into issues in the flowering stage. I am going to get my ph tester set up so any suggestions on how to take care of any potential issues now before they arise I could really use some advice thanks


You are doing the right things. No need to worry. Get yourself a PPM meter too. It will help you feed properly.


I agree, you’re looking pretty good!

Nice looking plants

Looks good thus far. Only thing I would suggest is wet/dry cycle to your watering not just giving 12 gal soil 1 gal of water every other day. Soak the soil then wait until the container is light weight and dry before watering again. As you enter flower your plants are going to start uptaking more water.