Any advice on what may cause this

I’ve been using fox farm big bloom plant food for about 2 weeks hoping it wood help some but doesn’t seem to be. Is this some type of deficiency?

Looks like classic nutrient burn.

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What does that mean? Sry I’m new to all of this

Just an over feeding of the nutrients you are using. Fox farm nutrients are notoriously “hot” , which basically means it’s very easy for a plant to get too big of a dose off of them. Next feeding/ watering you do, I’d suggest either gojng for straight water feeding, to try an pull your PPMs back down. Or, I would cut the amount of nutrients you’re using, per feeding, in half, and continue to feed on your normal schedule.

I burn my plants almost everytime I run, as I just like to push their limit on what they can take. Some enjoy more, some less. But it’s all about finding a happy medium!

Don’t let some Nute Burn discourage you, as it’s part of the learning curve! Also, a good tip to keep in mind, leaves that are damaged from the burn , or any type of deficiency if that, aren’t going to get/look any better. The plant will use up any life the leaves have left in them and they will eventually dry up and fall off. BUT THATS OKAY. The plant is bred/built to combat these things(with some help from us of course) and it will grow a new.
The new growth on your plant looks nice and flush, with just a weeeee bit of burn on the tips…which again… Isn’t bad, just lets you know they are nice and fed :+1:t4:

Keep on, the buds on her look nice and frosty from what I can see !:leaves: :dash: