Any advice on trimming these trees? Started pre flower

I’m out of love but man that does make a lot of sense !!! So many different viewpoints …it’s like having 40 other eyes and ears !! Thanks for that

Yep I can dig it :sunglasses::facepunch:t2:

I’m sitting here trying to convince myself it’s ok to wait until the sun is lower to water …
They need it …
I’m just thinking my water could shock the roots or just wind up evaporating??

@Lacewing Yo my wife came up to me and said “what’s wrong with the plants they’re droopy”

I took off running…they were just thirsty….got the hose and immediately obliged…not even 10min go by and they were all perked again…this was at noon today….water that soil homie especially if you think they need it :sunglasses::+1:t2:

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Man great save lol…I have a lot of black eyed Susan’s that do the same on days like this …
I see them laying on the ground and water and 10 minutes they are standing tall …

I’m overthinking now thanks for the nudge !!

No worries…keep it simple

Looking really nice!

I’d pluck the droopy ones…just my preference.

Watch a video on lollipoping…really great technique.

I water early morning every day during a heat wave…get a moisture meter only 10 bucks on amazon…very helpful, sometimes I think they will be fine and then the moisture meter tells me what’s going on deep in the dirt.

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My moisture meter is attached to my hand :sunglasses::point_up:t2:

No problem man I’m learning so it’s all good.

Ok good to know thanks for the info man!

@Derf02368 Thanks for the tips …

@grizZz yes as in I’m simple minded !!! Haha I need to develop that hand technique !!!
Reminds me of a song
Not the hand technique the simple part

I can actually tell by lifting and moving them …but my back isn’t happy lol

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@Lacewing :rofl::rofl:

@Derf02368 I don’t rely on these instruments when my eyes and finger can tell me just as well if the plant needs water…also the leaves, HUGE indicator here of too much or not enough water….they don’t make machines for leaves tho :unamused:

Lol @grizZz
Then we know what to invent ?? Hahahah I wish
The leaves thing is throwing me around lately because those big fans I have hanging around the bottom look like they’ve been in a mosh pit all night …yet just above them the leaves around the colas are still mosh pitting !!! Lol

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Also I will say that you don’t truly need to trim until flowering actually starts…once it does you’ll have a better picture of where the bud will actually form and the leaves will concentrate around these down the stems….you’ll easily be able to tell where you want more sunlight and air to go by taking fan leaves off to really open them up to the sunshine on the buds…as far as now though I wouldn’t trim anything let her get as much energy as possible for flower time @Derf02368 unless you just want to trim for practice :wink:

I thought of another question when anyone has time …
Is it safe to assume in the terms of watering and nutes and stuff ….

As you defoliate …are there any adjustments necessary? Like to the feeding mixture ?

I honestly have been only giving it Ph’d water
Every other feeding it gets FF Big Bloom and FF tiger bloom
Once a week I add 5ml of cal mag and 5ml of H202 to Ph’ed water

Should I act as though the plants needs remains the same?

Once again wise advice …

The one I’ve been trimming I can see what you mean…because I can see where the bud sites will mainly be and there’s no way to really pre trim your plants for that because they all grow differently !!!
I learned that from you yesterday !!

I haven’t trimmed those because I fear they may need them to steal from if I screw up feeding it as In not enough….

Not worried if I do too much because I’ll deal with that problem if it arises !!

The needs remain the same they’re just focused on a different part of the plant in turn requiring different nutrients right like veg nutes or bloom nutes…I think this actual question is still being debated in Jamaica and far out reaching places where only the experts grow and live the lifestyle around growing but in one word…preference

I think it doesn’t really matter as long as it’s not done so extreme ie too soon or in a less precise manner than cutting such as maybe pulling leaves off as to not stress the plant itself

Thanks …I was thinking safe to assume the same feeding regimen that seems to be working will just remain …I still have never flushed the plant …was reading it was wise to do twice in the plants life

Too late for twice now lol …gonna happen once a week or so maybe more before I chop it

I’m not gonna flush at all but I’m growing in the ground and it makes a difference from what I’ve read…gonna put this to my own test :sunglasses: