Any advice on trimming these trees? Started pre flower

Hi all! As you can see they are huge and only growing bigger. Wondering what I should do to them I’m not concerned with them being seen as it’s legal here in Massachusetts. This weekend I’m going to trim off the lower stuff that’s closer to the ground any advice on pruning/trimming would be much appreciated I’ve never done it. Ilgm white widows they are in ground, compost mixed with fox farms ocean forest and soil in my garden. Feeding every 2 weeks half strength fox farm nutes. Started in my tent end of March then moved outside. Thanks in advance for any help!

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I just learned to trim myself …so I’m not the best advice giver
However I just wanted to shout out that I also rock a Zelda t-shirt when I’m gardening

Only problem is all the bugs think I’m a flower

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Haha that’s great! I also usually got my video game music playlist going too. Good to see a fellow gamer gardener!

Those plants are huge
This is all I’m dealing with

I’d say any yellowing leaves towards the bottom …also any fan leaves blocking any bud sites …if you are just preflowering you can probably get away with doing a lot …

But as they progress I am just looking at any leaves shading bud sites or flowers and removing those

@Vegeta420 hell yeah
I’m 46 and my first game ever was a link to the past …
All my kids are into the Zelda franchise too !!

There’s also some very great people that can probably tell you better than I but I also went by anything that doesn’t break 50% of the height of a stalk should be taken off as it won’t amount to much because of light reaching issues and they’ll be all popcorn bud there

Your plant looks really healthy though and u wont need a ladder to check on her haha. Thanks man looks like i have a plan of action now for the weekend. Happy growing! And game on!

@Vegeta420 yeah man all the best
I’m in a similar weather situation as you …
I’m in the great garden state but apparently they don’t believe in cannabis gardening …

Just have to watch the mold but your growing white widow which the buds are more fluffy and less prone to mold

So the best you can do is get some increased airflow inside the plant

Someone with more knowledge will come along and steer you right

Maybe be patient and wait for them to answer !!
Happy growing and gaming !!

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Looking wicked awesome!

I would start to trim fan leafs asap. I trim fan leafs every 3 days…

Also outside in Massachusetts.

Pulling fan leafs gets sun to the bud sites, and increase air flow.

I also get in there and bend the little buds out to get more sun, tried it last year and did well. But every one has a growing method they prefer.


I found myself also doing that yesterday …and wondered if others did that …good stuff and glad I tried

Kind of cool that those little stalks are still soft enough …the mains are like wood

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Thanks @Derf02368 great advice and those are some nice looking plants and a great view you have too! I’ll give the bending a try.

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How about watering in these hot days ?

I was curious because I leave my tap water outside for a day or so in like an ice tea pitcher
So it’s the same temp as outside …

On days like this is it better to give them water that’s not as …WARM?

I know it’s good to let the tap water sit open for 24 hours to de chlorinate but I’ve also been wondering about water temp so hopefully someone can answer that haha.

No more hearts for today lol…but yeah I read on another post that was outdoors someone saying to use water that’s tepid or Luke warm …around 70 degrees …was claimed that it helps the plant uptake nutes better …no idea if it’s true …or if on days like today it would shock the plant !!

So many questions from us noobies !!! lol

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Maybe you can steer me in the right direction speaking of fan leaves

See how these are hanging down …seems since I started flowering no matter what as if they have been used up so to speak

Going to take another live pic to try and explain why I ask

Ypu can easily see the new growth leaves are completely fine near all the bud sites

Do you think I’m ok to clear out all those fans
Are they sucking energy? Or is the plant using them ?

I don’t believe I have any real deficiencies been lucky with pests and the plant has never drooped or seemed thirsty

I’m somewhere between preflowering and full on flowering …not sure when you begin counting flowering weeks but if I were to say full on flowering for 2

Anyway the bud sites …

That’s a horrible pic hang on

Sorry to hijack …but hopefully it’s a question we can both learn from lol…

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Did a little research and it does say around 72 degrees

Just checked and these are in the shade and sitting just at 75

I’m just worried if the root zone is hot and this will shock …

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Last year on my outdoor grows I defoliated like crazy. The plants that weren’t yielded more bugs and rot. This year all my outdoor plants will be lollipopped.

I remove the growth from the bottom third of the plant. Any growth that does not reach halfway up the plant is removed, I then strip the bottom third of any branches left.

They bounce back real fast.


@oldmarine i should have remembered to tag the clean up king !!!

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There’s plenty of help here I just wanted to add that popcorn buds make the best samples leave them b!tches on!!!

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