Any advice is appreciated with first grow

Trained them a bit more today @MeEasy @Budz420 @PP3121


Anyone know if I should keep training them like this? I do plan on putting trellis net up where the pvc is on the frame of the tent. Should I let them grow out until then and use the net from there on out?

They look good to me. I don’t train mine like that so I can give any advice. When I tie mine it’s just to separate the colas from each other just slightly for airflow because I grow my plants so crammed together

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Depends on what your plan is. Also your space.

I trained mine aggressively for two reasons: create more budding sites, and keeping the plant as low as possible due to my height restrictions. I ran into a height issue my first grow. I had to keep readjusting the ties to keep up with the growth. I’m almost 4 weeks into flowering and she is still tied down. I think the flowering stretch is over now but will jello them tied down.

Yours looks great!

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I was planning on also trying to create more budding sites, it’s a 3x3 so I didn’t want to overcrowd it but seems like I have too much space and I want to try and get them similar to sea of green idea. Also when do you stop with the LST? @PP3121

Something similar to that is what I would like to happen. Also would like to add one on the top right before flower.

Hey @Akcr here’s the tutorial for scrog from ilgm


I guess I could have look that up lol, sorry. Thank you though .@MeEasy

I just don’t do mine that way so I didn’t want to give you bad advice @Akcr so that’s the best I could do. Good luck with them they’re lookin good


From what I have read and learned, you want to have your plant trained before flowering. Training during flowering may stress the pant and impact yields. I think you can do some slight adjusting as the plant continues to stretch, but the aggressive aspects should be done prior: example topping and fimming. I think with the scrogg you will train and bend for some time.

However, I am only on my second grow and would defer to some more experienced growers. :sunglasses: :+1:

I did manage to find a thread which gives a little info:

When to Stop LST? - Beginner / Autoflower support - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum by Robert Bergman

Here is another: I guess I have learned a few things! :crazy_face: :wink:

Stopping LST or not? - Beginner / Autoflower support - I Love Growing Marijuana Forum by Robert Bergman

Continued success.


I use a 3x3 too. I try to grow 4 plants - photo or auto. Three AK-47 on day 55 and bottom right is a northern lights clone.

This is one of the AKs on day 80. 7 days on 12/12 light schedule

A tent full day 132. Day 59 flower. The AKs vegged for 74 days


That’s awesome, that’s what I’m trying to go for. I only grew two as to not get in over my head and try to yield as much as possible while I wait to get another tent and light for flowering to cycle them through. They are GSCE and I’m hoping to have enough to to get me through a couple months. I know that’s not always possible but whatever I can do to make them grow big and healthy. @beardless

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Cool thanks man, I like a lot of different opinions from actual people to weigh my options lol. @PP3121

How do you deal with humidity in that tent? I have my exhaust setup running and a humidifier in the tent , also have the ocillalating fan on the bottom until I get one another one that clips on the tent bars. My humidity suffers a lot with all that and can’t generally get it to 50. I tried with the intake taking it in but it threw my number off because it has a humidistat on the unit itself and it was collecting moisture in the intake. @beardless

Also does anyone use this?

I just watched a YouTube video on guy putting organic molasses in his water for his plant. Guess it’s good for the microorganisms in the soil? Does anyone know anything about that? @MeEasy

I read something in a post early on when I first started about this not being useful unless yo had optimal conditions which we home growers usually cannot, or do not, achieve.

If I find the post I’ll share it.


I do not make a huge effort to maximize humidity / VPN. I am in the middle of winter, temp is a lovely -5F outside and RH is low 40s. So I pretty much take it as it comes but do a few simple things.
My tent is in a 8x14 room. I vent the tent’s exhaust back into the same room. This helps retain moisture created by the plants. This is my “humidifier” I put in the tent. It is good for only a few points but better than nothing.

. On occasion I will turn the exhaust and intake fans off to minimize air exchange. I can’t do it for long while lights are on because of heat build up. So I really only do it infrequently for short periods when lights are off.
ExHale CO2 - experienced growers I trust have told me to not waste my money. You can make a simple CO2 generator using vinegar and baking soda. Good ole google can help you with that.
You are off to a good start with the LST. Your work time will be limited to when your GSCE decides to flower. Keep after it, spread it out as much as possible and as uniform across its top as possible. This is a single Jack Herer auto I grew this summer. It had an unbelievably long veg time of 50+ days. This photo is just before it started showing pistils
This is it a week or so before harvest in a 2x2 scrog frame. It is the largest auto I have grown
One of the key components in growing decent bud is light.
I had some small 125W led lamps from when I needed some extra light in an emergency so I put them to use to grow the Jack Herer and this current SOG in the same scrog frame. In total it is 330 watts covering 2x2

In my 3x3 I have 450 watts. I would use more but I have enough $$ in lights for right now. I have a Kind XL3 600 with four photo boost strips that I added a year ago.

I don’t know what your light is but it is something to think about if you want high quality dense buds.
By the way. You may have noticed I take and like to explain things with pictures.



Thank you for that. I have a viparspectre 900w full spectrum led for right now, makes a good amount of heat in the tent but with the exhaust on it seems to do ok. Would like to add a 5x5 with a spider farmer 4000 for just my flowering and use that viparspectre for seedlings and veg. I wasn’t sure about the humidity, I have similar temps here, didn’t know if they would grow alright with less than 50 percent RH. I guess I got kind of obsessed with trying to make everything work right lol. @beardless