Any advice from experienced growers?

Hey all I’ve got a plant here which went into the dirt on March 1st and sprouted on the 4th. The pics attached are from this morning. My main question is I am noticing some yellowing of the lowest canopy of leaves just that canopy only. What should I be checking as to the cause of it. Also as far as looks does it look right for the age of the plant. With this being my first grow in extremely paranoid/anxious about everything I see so any advice/knowledge is greatly appreciated.

Little tidbits:
Seeds are White Widow Autos
Growing in FFOF nothing extra at this time. Seeds are from ILGM also have the plant booster/nutes that come with the beginner pack but have not used any.
Thanks all!

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Can you take a pic in white light. The purple makes it hard to tell.

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At work right now, I’ll have my wife take pics and send to me and I’ll post them. Sorry


Your good man. Natural light just makes it easier to see what your seeing

It’s tough in the blurple light, but it looks good so far. A few lower leaves in contact with the soil, or completely shaded turning yellow, are ok.

Ffof is typically good for 4-6 weeks without needing much, if any, nutrients.

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The lower leaves will tend to do that. So long as the rest of the plant and your new growth is healthy, I wouldn’t worry about it. I just cut them off.

Looks good. Even in blurple… lol

Thanks all I am going to attach some pics with some light Whiting here in a sec when I get a chance

FFOF is a little hot for new seedlings

Here are some pics with better lighting


You are in great shape that is natural. My plants are about same age and I just trimmed those leaves off today. They served their purpose.

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SWEET! thank you, as I said with this being my first grow I’m extremely anxious paranoid about every change I notice lol

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Looks fine to me.

Hold off on the nutrients for another week or 2. I also use FFOF and it can carry it for 5-6 weeks. However, WWA seem to take them well. I have grown 9 of them and have one going now.

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Awesome thanks for the tip