Any advice for lights?

From a fellow grower:

I appreciate that you will answer questions and I have 2. I currently use a inda-grow inductive light with their flowering led outriggers. I had a problem with hot spots in the foxwood dirt, so I am switching to coco for the next grow. I have grown some great plants in the past, but I have to grow short my room is 6x4 5 feet to ceiling with Co2 dehumidifier, ac, ion generator, and I will be going to a proven formula for nutrients, so I need advice until I can go to a bigger room. This inductive light seems to need more blooming spectrum, so I am thinking adding 2 led lights, or run 175w hps additional, or switch to lec. Light emitting ceramic. Any advice?

When I go to a larger room I can keep a mother plant or 2, do you recommend Amsterdam Seeds, (can this be a federal issue importing internationally, or do you recommend a seed bank in the USA?