Any advice for a great startup and grow?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I have a half dozen different size LED BULBS AND PANELS and I’ve been using miracle grow for flowering plants. I had one super short plant with killer buds and we used cuttings to generate about 5 plants since then with mediocre results.
Any chance you would hook me up with anything from a bit of advise, a seed, a kit, talk to me, get me started/ I won’t be selling , I don’t do so well reading instructions without pictures or just a few spoken words.
I am in serious pain.


Fist of all welcome to forum . Are you planning on growing indoors/outdoors indoors you will need good lighting and a place to set up so you can go dark for flowering youll need good soil ,pots or 5 gal pails. unfortunately its not cheap or easy to start up. And as far as seeds go buy from bank or hit up someone you can trust . my first step would be lighting and grow room . If you have any questions in detail shoot me a note Add @ to my name to connect to me direct and spend some time in here lots of info from good people .



Offering cash for help is usually easiest way to get it lol.


Step 1: order seeds from ILGM.
Step 2: read the Grow Bible.
Step 3: grow awesome plants and share your experience on this forum.
Step 4: harvest and medicate.


step 5 repeat! lol
i’m on repeat @3high5you order number 2


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We can only offer you grow advice here in forum
as Latewood suggested please read forum policy and as long as we stay with in those perameters we can assist you to a good harvest
Tell us what type of pain you suffer from ?
And what strains your working with do tou use soil or hydro?
What type of equipment do you own now ?
And welcome to the forum


Not around here my friend though I get the humor :wink: we don’t charge people we offer a non judgement teaching environment with friendly people that love to help. We want to share in your success as a community of like minded people who love growing and sharing experience with others :slight_smile: