Any advice? First go!


Looking great on the grow and I got lucky when I first joined like the second post I read was correcting a guy on language. I normally am a fbomb regular but have gotten used to it lol. Welcome


Lol it’s a habit for me anymore due to where I work. I’ll watch my language from now on :slight_smile:


Was a commercial fisherman for 25 years then worked the door of a mens club so my mouth gets me in trouble without me even realizing I said it lol . But yeah I was kind of surprised that they had a rule about language at first I mean we are all adults but once you go to a forum where they have few or no rules about being civil you understand quick so I play nice when I’m here .


Lol definitely! I figured since we are all adults it would be fine. I completely understand though, so i’ll watch what the heck I say :wink:



Wait hold up!! Is that the roots? Wtf?
Great job so far keep it up


Yessir haha. They are exploding.



If you were to put lecca Hydroton on table they would grow even more the light is pruning them between floods and the top growth has much to do with supporting root growth more roots more fruits :wink:


I’ll look into it :slight_smile: thanks!


Into the 4th week of life. Planning on filling tray will hydroton soon.


Tidied up… working on setting a flowering room up now.


Nice! Where did you get that plastic tray? Did that come with your tent?


I actually got it from my local hydro store for $7.98 lol…


What size is your tent? Looks like it fits perfect!


I believe it’s 4x5x7 but i’m not entirely sure if that’s exact


Exploding lol. Twice as big as her sisters. Genetics?


I’m going to see if I can find one for mine. Hate that stupid bottom liner that comes stock with the tents. Sides always folding over. I tried Velcro strips down the sides, but the sticky on the back of the Velcro wont stay suck to the tent fabric. Probably because of the humidity.


I just got a cheap plastic bin from walmart, use it as my res, maintains temp/pH/ppm very well. Got that tray for a steal so i set it on the res and have been too feeding in rockwool. I plan to fill the tray with hydroton so the roots can explode too


Ok captain I’m a long time grower undercover… how the hernia did you get those roots, I want every single, detail. (Pretty please) never seen anything like it.