Any advice? First go!


Hey guys so all of my WW autos lived and are now vegging. I started them on a low dose of flower power start and grow, and pruned them a bit. They are loving the light and drinking a lot and I see tons of new growth. If you guys could comment on how they look it would be greatly appreciated. Here are some pics. They are exactly 19 days old.

I have the reservoir at 5.8 pH exactly and 184 ppm. Temp is a constant 75-80F. They are under 1000W MH currently. (Sorry if this belongs under beginner, I am new to the forum as well D:)


Them are some luscious green girls!


Thank you!


Is the leaves in the last picture got yellow coming from where the leaf veins are?
Maybe it’s just the lighting


It may just be the lighting. I’ll dim it down to 400W tomorrow and take a new pic.


Kicking ass matey, I’ve seen people with 2 month old plants the same size. Doubt you need 1000w for even 10 that size tbh, I’d leave it on 400 or 600


Thanks for the advice man. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I’ve been trying to lower my temp buy they just seem to be loving the light so much…


Try it for a few days on 400 and if they are still loving it (bet they will) then continue of not go to 600 and repeate :slight_smile: you can always lower it on 400 and it will have the same effect and save you 1.5 times the electricity. At the end of the day if your not worried about cash I wouldn’t worry and just do what makes um happy. GL bro


Good tip bro, I will definitely try it. Just trying to gather as much info and learn as much as i can on my first go lol.


Also i’m rocking 6 of them. Planted two late but they say screw that cfl i’m growing toward the MH with my sisters. Look at this root growth after 24 hrs lol…


Hey brother fix that for word in your post that’s not allowed. Change it to puck or something lol @Kena


My bad. Edited it.


Lol, the amount of time support has reminded me, I’ve now got in the habit of saying fuuuuudgecakes or some bibble babble. Absolutely nuts root growth there dude.


Looking good.
Welcome to ILGM! :+1:
I’m thinking of using the flower power nutes for my next indoor grow.


Several factors to consider the plants are currently dialled in and enjoying light nutrient ppm and temps or they wouldn’t be lush green. Lowering light intensity would require a complete system adjustment from ppm light distance cycle duration. @McLovin777 if they are happy plants which they appear to be why suggest a change in light intensity?
First off for those curious the plants are used to it and a 1000w MH is spectrum perfect run at full wattage so reducing watts means new bulbs if you want correct spectrum
Secondly the plants are eating and drinking at a certain speed based on light intensity and temps, so lowering intensity means they eat and drink less.
Third the flood table isn’t letting medium get too wet or too dry adjusting lights means cooler temps so medium has potential to get and stay too moist creating issues where there are none.

Here’s what I want you to consider going from 1000 to 400 is suggesting changing an environmental influence by 60% and with HID bulbs it is changing lumens from 110,000-130,000 to less than 35,000
Your plants would almost halt growth until they readjusted to light and temps would exhibit multiple stress signs which would start leading you down the rabbit hole into wonder land hunting for Alice
If it isn’t broke don’t fix it this is why we post support tickets to hunt for flaws and broken things that are out of place


Well I take my non existent hat off, just giving advice that I can, having a 1000w 1m away and a 600w 12 inch away would I’m my mind be similar. But I’m no pro, just can’t imagine that such small plants are using all the light. Either way I did also say if their happy and you can afford it leave it be.


They look great. Keep at it!


Here’s an update. New growth looks good to me :slight_smile:


Damn your plants are green!!


Thanks man!