Any advice, anyone?

The pots still feel like they have weight in them. I watered them each 2 liters on Sunday. Was gonna wait and see what they felt like tommarow. Do u think they are thirsty?

Well I was just wondering since the top soils does look a lil dry , stick you finger you can get a better idea of how things look under , but if they still have weight then They should be fine

Ok just did…the soil feels a little dry. Cold, but dry…should I give them more you think? Same amount?

I would probably just half of the amount just to try it out see how the plant reacts, if not just stick to your regular routine

Day 28 from seed. Any advice if they look ok or if I should change something. I feel like these plants won’t get tall. Just really busy and hard to tie down

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Lower your light a little bit and see if that helps them to stretch.

:man_facepalming: I did the opposite…I raised them


Tag @nicky, @Caligurl. Nicky, to me, is an auto guru. They might have some insight.

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Ok cool, thanks

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To get them to stretch, raise your lights… too soon to tie down, they need to at least be beyond the container.

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Sorry wrong pictures


Thank you, these are not auto’s like mentioned. And I posted new pics, those other ones were from a week ago…im just starting weeks 3 of veg and seeing if I can do anything else to them. I did top all of them about 5 days ago

Bushy plants is not a bad thing, your giving them lots of light which is keeping them short and thick and bushy.
If you want stretch then do as @Caligurl suggested, raise or dim lights. Ensure to keep your node spacing 1inch roughly no more.

Personally I’ve done experiments in my garden with letting them grow taller and hammering them with light I prefer to hammer them with light going forward. They may look small now but remember they are thick and bushy with big root systems once you flip. Them. They are going to blow up and make thick thick colas.
If you stretch them the colas will be thinner.

Here is an example
NY current grow of a monster Bruce banner, sativa, allowed it to stretch more.

A sweet and sour I hammered with light

I’m also using a big bud additive on the top plant I didn’t use on the bottom plant…


Wow that looks absolutely amazing!!! Thank you so much for the input. 1st time growing and was just curious why my plants looked so much shorter than everyone else’s. If u think everything looks good on them im just goin to continue doing what im doing. Just a big pain in the ass trying to tie them down when I dont know exactly what im supposed to be tying down lol. It looks like I topped them right cuz I have no grow areas where I topped them. When and where would I top again? Or fim? Thanks again

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Yeah it can be… That’s the only down side they are so dense.
Ya fim it’s medium stress and gives 4 main tops, as a top gets you 2 main tops (the first time you do it)

Thank you again. Just so much goin on lol

Day 38. Everything look ok? I topped all the plants and just started fimming today in two spots. Was wondering if anyone has any other advice or just let them b, thanks

When is a seedling no longer a seedling ?

Seedling stage lasts about 2 weeks.