Any advice, anyone?

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First grow here everyone, 4×4×8 grow tent. 6" exhaust, 2-600w Vivosun LEDs. I just hit day 22 and was wondering how they look so far and Any advice would be great. 77-80 degrees, humidity been between 61-66%. Thanks everyone!


Looks good & healthy.


Very nice looking. Each strain grows differently, but yours look nice and bushy instead of long and stretched out. Keep a look out for fungus gnats - mine showed up at about a month in soil. Might want to consider some healthy bacteria to add to soil - it helps fight off fungus that causes root rot. Your soil looks nice and dry - I over watered mine…

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Looking good! :sunglasses: :+1:

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They look quite happy.

They look good! I don’t grow in soil but they look very happy. Keep an eye on node spacing, you want them spaced about an inch; too close-move light further, too stretched-bring light closer


Looking good :+1:

Great thanks, what do u mean node spacing?

Looks super nice and full!!! Congrats on a beautiful plant.

These are gorilla glue strains. 1st time so I’m just trying to not mess anything up. I’m gonna start tying them down in the next day or so.

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Now I looked and found this, any idea?

Red X’s are your “nodes.”. Node spacing vertical distance between them

I would raise the light a bit personally or dim it down some and get some stretch in that girl so you have something to tie down.


Ok will do that, thanks

Anyone know whats goin on w these leaves and am I ok? Just noticed it today when I got home! @Hellraiser 20210126_164255|375x500

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Looks like you probably spilled some water/nutes on it, no biggie.

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Alright cool, thanks bro. 1st time growing so I expect the worse w everything

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I understand completely, it’s like first time parents, worry over every little thing, by the third child you don’t even care if they’re playing in traffic LOL.


Hahaha…right on, appreciate the advise. I was told to go to you bout anything so thank you for your time. If there’s anything else u would recommend I’d b willing to listen. Thanks

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Nodes are where the branches come off the main stem. If your plant is too short and bushy - it blocks light from getting to the lower node bud sites. If the plant is long and lanky (opposite of yours) - usually fewer nodes/buds.

Looking really happy , maybe a lil water what is your soil moisture saying ?