Anxiety, strains & science

A large percentage of chronic users pre and post legalization (regardless of geographics) suffer from varying types and degrees of anxiety, my significant other included.

Unfortunately as we all know there is not much scientifically proven to an overwhelming degree in any form of cannabis and that goes for anxiety use.

There is a little bit of data out there but I’m interested to hear what strains everyone uses for relief without just knocking yourself out with the strongest couch lock indica you can get your hands on. That’s currently my significant others strategy but then she doesn’t want to do anything including stuff she has to do like homework or errands, walk the dog etc.

The study that involved surveying dispensary customers showed from their store
Strains for relieving anxiety were:
Bubba Kush
Skywalker OG Kush
Blueberry Lambsbread
and Kosher Kush

four worst-rated strains for relieving anxiety were:
Blueberry Lambsbread
CBD Shark
Tangerine Dream

Keep in mind this is just one Dispensary that was involved in a smaller study of almost 800 people.
The strains that did help in this study have similar higher thc percentages and similar terpenes but not all are anti sedative.

Taking this info I am probably going to source some Sour Kush and see how my other half likes it.


Try some Sour Diesel too. Depending on breeder it’s 90 to 100% sativa.

Crystal is a heavy hitter but has about 5% CBD so can be helpful for some things.

If you ask an M.D. what cannabis is they will tell you that it is a Central Nervous System Stimulant. That seems to run counter to it’s use as a sleep aid for example. But I use it in edibles nightly and it works a charm.


CBD oil. 80mg a day. It’s what works for me. I use sativa leaning CBD strains and aim for these terps: linalool, humulene, bisabolol, b-caryophyllene, and myrcene.

I make my own oil via qwet extraction.


It is a central nervous stimulant in that cannabis stimulates our endocannibinoid system. It can stimulate it up or down, depending on what you dose, but it’s a stimulant, no matter. :grinning:


Sour Diesel and Durban Poison are two of the top strains for reducing anxiety w/o knocking you on your butt. :grinning:


@Nicky if your wife is taking prescription anti-anxiety meds this can actually make panic attacks worse. My ex- was removed from Lorazapam because she’d been on it too long and it was inducing anxiety.


@Myfriendis410 crystal seems to be hard to find seeds for but high sativas with no cbd can be paranoia and anxiety inducing, which we have both felt and research has shown. Although my wifey used to love sativas and deep down she still does to a degree but I think Hybrids or indicas are a safer choice.

@Myfriendis410 thanks, yeah alot of people don’t realize that some meds are actually not meant to be taken for as long as their doctors prescribe them as it’s an off label use at that point.
We are both in healthcare, I’m a paramedic and she’s a nursing student, my dad’s a dentist and my sisters fiancée is a doctor but she has her family doctor and he’s been doing a good job with her she really has been doing great I just know mental health is not well understood nor is cannabis


Some do; some don’t. You have to try em to see. My Purple Haze is too much for my wife but my brother loved it.

The most recent strain added to my inventory is a C99/Durban Thai cross from Brothers’ Grimm that is ‘anxiety’ inducing in me (and I have a HUGE tolerance). But knowing it’s that first 20 minutes of elevated BP and heartrate that folks associate with ‘paranoia’ and ‘anxiety’ that I’m feeling. Because I am expecting it, I get past it readily and enjoy the high. (some of the most potent cannabis I’ve ever had)

I grew ILGM Crystal twice and loved the plant’s genetics: huge colas, somewhat citrusy, and ridiculous potency.

You can also grow a high CBD strain and blend with high THC strains and create something custom for you.


If funny you say the blend I had 2 plants that were cbd stress killer sativas and they grew all Wierd probably stressed them or something, cut off some bud rot and saved the rest but my wifey won’t smoke it because it’s to weak.
I honestly think it’s because it was a bad grow but it’s still leafy crystal stuff I don’t want to toss 6 oz out so I’m thinking maybe I take my portion of this lemon AK sativa I’ve been growing and find a good mix ratio then pre roll a bunch of J’s

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You could try 1 to 1 and roll one for her to try. If not strong enough do 2 to 1 THC to CBD.

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Yeah definitely.

I want to be stealthy and do like a blind smoke test lol she what works.
I may even get some sour kush to try and have us try it straight first. Then try it at the 1:1 etc.
Not only will it make the sour kush last longer (1 month till harvest on the lemon ak followed by 2 month cure) but it will also have the med benefits.

Is crystal a ilgm strain only?

Why such a long cure? If leached out properly and do a bud wash the stuff is cured in a couple of weeks.

Find it doesn’t cure until that length… Can tell by the smell

I love Bubba Kush for relief my anxiety and I buy from.

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That’s a good strain according to the study and terp profile.
Your links going to get removed, sorry can’t be promoting webstires on here unless an authorized website.

@barnes.henry please read forum policy. Thank you.


What would you recommend me? I am sensitive to thc. My mind races so I don’t want racing thoughts or talkativity. I don’t want to be physically nervous or mentally too slow. I want something to use everyday for anxiety both physical and mental and for physical pain and depression. I want to function and I’d prefer not to have the munchies. Maybe I’m asking too much!


hi Annie…this thread has been inactive for 2 years now… ill try to help…if thats ok…
first of all…welcome to the forum … :tada: :partying_face:…you going to enjoy it here…
seems like you are looking for a cbd plant…no thc…i would look at a strain like Charlottes Angel …about 15% cbd and less than 1% thc… this makes for a very relaxing and calming smoke, with no stone…hope this helps…hit me up if you need more info… :sunglasses: :v:


Thank you! This is the first time I’ve done a forum. Should have I made a new thread or found an active one? And are you supposed to stay completely with the first post? Thanks for the help!

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you all good …the only reason i mentioned the 2 years, is that not a lot of people watch these old posts… :wink:…im going to tag you over to my thread…lots of good growers there … if you need to get someone’s attention put a @ in front of their name…like this @Annie3 that will notify them that you are looking for them…the more you communicate and like :heart:, the quicker you will gain trust levels…and please ask questions, there are no stupid questions nobody on here will think less of you…i have grown a few different cbd strains that has no thc in it…so ask away…and good luck…this is a very friendly forum… :sunglasses: :v: