Anxiety so bad i cant hardly sleep


Hello I suffer from generalized anxiety and sometimes it’s so bad that I can’t sleep or stay asleep it may happen for days at a time and I get so tired that I can fall asleep anywhere if I sit still on there but can’t stay asleep very long because of the anxiety. I’ve taken prescription meds before and they make it very hard to wake up the next morning without dragging ass and trying to figure out how to get myself dressed and get to work. I was wondering if anybody else suffers from the same thing and if there’s is also as bad as mine as and things they do to help out with it. I’ve also try antidepressants and they work to a certain extent but I don’t like the side effects of them such as not giving a damn about anything, and the nightmares


grow some auto northern lights for therapy…the fine people on this Forum are there for you. :man_farmer::seedling::rainbow::droplet::bouquet:


I take venlaflaxin or effexor for my anxiety daily and it really helps. Side effects go away after about 2 weeks. As far as for help with anxiety and sleeping, I like a nice heavy hitting indica dominant hybrid to help with additional anxiety or sleep issues. Hybrids seem to have a better effect for my anxiety and have less chances of any negative cannabis effects that could increase my anxiety. Have you tried taking any melatonin before you go to sleep? That will help as well.


I do the same with strains like WW and Gold Leaf. I’m really liking the Crystal. I get stupefied before bed and eat a canna cookie just before lights out. That way I have a loading dose to help me sleep and a slow acting dose to hit me around midnight to 2 a.m. I can usually go from 10 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. doing this.


Smart using the cookie for an extended releif.


I have similar issues. Haven’t been on meds(paxil) for many years now, b/c it’s too expensive.

I’m going to start growing one or two heavy sleep inducing strains, in the hopes that they’ll conk me out. I need to do some research. I’ll definitely share my results. Most weed will knock me out only after smoking for hours…and only as I come down.

Otherwise, I smoke as much weed as possible to keep my anxiety at bay. Doesn’t necessarily work all the time, but at least it’s fun.


Lol same here but sleepiness that’s only occurs after coming down I can get couch locked from it but it doesn’t necessarily make me sleepy it makes me read books or watch movies something that can be done on the couch only LOL. I’ve had Effexor and Paxil along with a couple others and they gave me nightmares that seemed real along with some other side effects just made me really not care about anything


Well I am right there with you. I have same issue and then some but a heavy hitting indica will definitely help. I just had forbidden fruit and gg4 joint just before bed and it worked just fine. @Vexer Just started taking the same thing about 2 weeks in. I have other anxiety meds to help as well.


All i have is indica strains . Cookies kush , cheese, and gsc. I dont smoke because I don’t want to stink up the house and I don’t smoke Outdoors because of my neighbors so I mainly just ingest mine that could be the problem. I am just some after work and it is usually peeking at about bedtime which makes me stay up later than I should. Maybe if I do something to get the effects quicker my results will be better


Have you thought about vaping? It doesn’t have the same smell as smoking it.


Vape and be free


Remember, weed might not work for all of us in the way we want, just like any other drug, and in the same vein, not all indicas will knock you out.

Don’t give up on it, just change your routine.


Im trying not to give up . the only way to get a vape pen around here is to get the medical license because recreational use is not legal here in Oklahoma.


the same legal situation here in the UK…Amazon delivers Vapes to your door …I have been using a Da Vinci Ascent for nearly 3 years and it does the trick also grow your own…everyone here will help.


Hello everyone,
New member tho I have been visiting and reading posts for a few weeks. Live in a new medical state, Missouri.
My wife suffers from chronic pain and migraines. Takes lots of pain medication, at least 4 different meds several times a day. It will be 6 months before we can legally grow but I want to try and see if there might be a strain that could at least help her sleep better or relieve some of her discomfort. I smoked back in the mid 70s so have some experience and even grew some from seed that was always in the bag. Seemed most of the plants were always male. Lol.
Anyway nice to be here and look forward to getting to know some of you all.


Welcome there is lots of people here with knowledge and all different areas so help it’s not hard to find


First time grower here, germinated Aug 1st, harvested one plant on Monday, a few more will be ready over the next week or 3… Have to say, having a bunch of issues myself, compliments of the army and other crap life tends to heap in my general direction… I find that just growing itself, the work involved, the distractions from life as I research best practices, and immerse myself in the forum reading how others are doing it… all that has noticeably lowered my anxiety… best of luck to you. Oh, aside from the normal high THC strains, I’m also growing two Orinoco (OR) plants, the THC is pretty low, 9% but CBD is high at 13-15%. Looking forward to trying an actual ‘medical’ strain.


When you ingest, how do you do it? Edibles? Oil? Ground flower?


Mush Cush, perhaps you can order a vape pen that uses flowers on line and have it delivered to your home? I would suggest using something that would be potent enough that you would only need a puff or two, and wait till an hour before bed time and then refrain from TV etc.


Hi Spiney-norman

study the Guides above as all the keys to the green kingdom are there .