Ants living in pots, outdoor

Red ants living in one red poison auto pots.
What to do?
Its ironic they are red ants and red poison is strain.
They live another pot but I harvest this plant and now what i see… They pouring out potholes and find another pot in greenhouse to live.
I can’t bomb them nutewater yet, bc here are very rainy days and pot are heavy.
But what i have to do? Some homemade remedy? Or isolate this plant? Thoughts?

I would separate it from the others behind they are in all your pots. Not sure how to get rid of them. The old guy @garrigan62 probably could help. Good luck

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He just told me to use DE

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Ants have a hard exo skeleton body. Not sure that would help especially if it’s a colony… Need something to encourage them to leave

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There is also Captain Jacks in the powder form. At least that’s gonna be my next attempt if the DE doesn’t work.

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A top layer of cinnamon is supposed to also help drive ants away.

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Maybe if I gave him one of those cut-outs of as you say I have of you, maybe they would work like a scear crow and scare them away … lmfao

Like this one %232


Cinnamon worked for me last year. Quite amazing watching their exit.


Where you put that cinnamon? That powder or…?
I want them gone. They help aphids to suck my

You can do a layer of cayenne pepper under planter and a layer of cinnamon or cayenne as top dressing.
Diatom Earth will also work, scratches the exoskeleton and causes them to dehydrate. This is why it is so effective against fleas.

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