Ants, ants everywhere!

I hate to beat a drum too long but I see this issue come up everyday… here is a comparison of the LD50 of advion vs borax… if you have a different product vs this please let me know and I will redact my statement if it is higher than advion

Borax has a ld50 of 2.66 g per kg meaning to kill half the population of a number of rats they infested 2.66g of borax per kg of their body weight.

Advion has an LD50 of 5000mg per kg (or to put into the same terms 5g per kg)

So essentially borax would be more lethal than the ant gel.

The question would be then, is it pure borax? If not then it is a chemical mixture with other ingredients in it as well and you would need information to determine if these were in fact organic or detergents that are synthesized with petroleum based solvents to aid the borax in some way. typically these would be considered inert and proprietary trade secrets.

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i saw a small black ant around my NYC diesel , i thought maybe it came in through a crack in my Green house window that i leave open during the day , but i was wondering if it was just a single ant and nothing to worry about . I will be looking more for them perhaps the plants just smell SWEET …

DuPont the bringers of death to millions around the world.
Teflon…we now all test positive…I guess we can all be called “Teflon Dons”…thanks DuPont…you Mother F…ers
I give up.
Some just don’t get the big picture…
Oh well to each their own!

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Thanks all! I actually ordered some borax, it was the fastest and easiest one for me to get. I live in Europe so I could not find any Advion and even borax was a pain to find. For now I spread some diatomaceous earth to try to control them until I receive the borax.
I will keep you posted!

could be a scout

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@M0bi0us it’s a dead scout now it never made it back to report it’s findings lol

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Amdro is a trade name for a hydramethylnon-based hydrazone insecticide, commonly used in the southern United States for fire ant control. Amdro was patented in 1978 by the American Cyanamid company, now Ambrands, and was conditionally approved for use by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in August, 1980. It is a delayed-toxicity food chain killer, in which soldier ants carry the bait into the mound and feed it to the queen, killing her and decimating the mound. Amdro uses a corn grit and soybean oil base, and must be used within three months after opening to be effective. Amdro has several drawbacks:
(1) when it rains, or the bait is moisturized, Amdro loses its effectiveness entirely;
(2) insecticide baits tend to be slow working, and take up to a month to be effective; and
(3) Amdro cannot be used on food crops.

delayed-toxicity food chain killer, What The F…yea gimme some of that! Ouch…

You sprinkle a few little grains of cornhusks in the path the ants use right on top of them and in 30 mins it is all gone down the hole and no more ants. I use it in my veg gardens every year on any ants and they are gone in an hour. You dont have to use it if you dont want too. Just a suggestion.

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Bayer is a German company I’m sure they’ll have something in a big box store like tesco. Good luck either way :+1::pray:t3:

The de will work make sure it’s dry and stays dry for several days it eats them from the inside out it just takes time and I don’t think you transplanting will hurt it to bad if your easy on it

I’m not sure how fast it will work tho but you can use ground cinnamon whereever the mound or hole is for the colony sprinkle a teaspoon of ground cinnamon in it and around it and around your plant and use same amount of water as you do to water the plant it will push the cinnamon down in the colony and it will kill them I have done it before and noticed next day that no ants came back to the mound or in or out and the cinnamon won’t hurt your plants. You can also use ground coffee the same way

Fight fire with fire… Find a different ants colony, take a shovel full and drop it right beside your plant. They will start fighting until they all die.
Well I am not sure it work at all, I just saw that on YouTube and everything on the Internet is true… Well maybe not.