Antheia- The Super Skunk Auto 🦨

My WWA was lonely in the autoflower tent. Gonna run a Super Skunk in an air pot using Coco Loco. GH nutes when the time comes :+1:t2:

Seed goes in the germination station today


Nice, new blood!

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Good luck with the grow. :+1:

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She is planted in the air pot and ready to go :+1:t2: Going to germinate another SSA so she has a friend once my WWA finishes.

Baby :baby_bottle:




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I love that someone came up with the idea of an air pot out of necessity. Looking forward to this one progress! What kind of lighting / space are you using?


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My Autoflower tent is 2x4x5.5 foot. I am using two, 100 watt Bridgelux EB strips, 3500k 80CRI. They are mounted to Rapid rails for cooling :+1:t2:

Perfect low wattage setup from this small tent

Two, 50watt strips per sink :+1:t2:

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