Ant infestation, possible stem problems and soil topup?

Read about it first…a hot, sunny day can raise temps under dark colored plastic high enough to kill plants…It is a technique used to sterilize soil.


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Yep I agree with you and I thought of that, but I’m thinking if I use a lighter color plastic and place it on top of the pot and use something to stick it to the edges, the plastic will be a few inches away from touching the actual soil and I’ll leave breathing holes in the plastic. That way it stops the sunlight and still leaves room to airaite. Do you think that would be good enough to prevent cooking the soil? Cause that’s the last thing I want to do. We’ve had a good few 40 degrees days which they’ve struggled through

I would only use plastic in the spring to warm the soil…covering it for the whole grow once it wasn’t needed for warmth might only cause other problems…excess moisture, places for pests, other forms of death and decay best avoided.

Just me, I like to see the soil for cannabis.

The two plants affected by termites are looking healthy and the pyrethrum hasn’t done anything harm, will just need a good flush towards the end. Am just going to stick to watering with 3L and doing the struggle walk out into the bush with 30L of water each time, gotta do what you gotta do.
The first couple pics below are of the premature flowering, smaller two plants that had the termite problem. And a couple shots of the larger ones

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Oh ya…i’m comming over…on my way…im a good helper…lol
great jog. Ya just put your used soil in a black plastic bag and put it in the open sun and the sun will bake you soil and kill all the bugs if any but most of all it kills all the bacteria in the soil. Leave it out there for two weeks. Then you can add what ever you want for you grow.
Hope this helps


Well its raining for the next few days finally so no need to hurry… lol. I’ll let you know when it gets back to 35-40 degrees then feel free to come help
So it that so you can use the same soil for next seasons grow?
I’ll have to change spots next season unfortunately. The spot I got is awesome, deep in the bush with easy hidden access but i think access to it will change nearing the end of this year so I’ll have to bail on that one. So ill probably just do it all over again but keep the pots and fence from this grow. The canna terra pro soil seemed like a really good mix so ill probably stick with that. We don’t have access to any fox farms soil here in Aus. Quick question, I’ve been taking ph with a probe, just very carefully putting it deep down into the pots around the roots and its averaging around 6.5, no higher than 7. If i took a ph reading from the runoff do you think it would read similar?

No I dont because 7.0 is to high 6.5 is where you want to be. Check ck your run and see what it reads


it reads 6.5 most of the time just 7 at a few different spots occasionally. Im guessing i will need to get a water ph tester as the probe won’t read accurately?

Ya you really do need one then you won’t really need a soil tester …well its good to have one anyway.
But ya get one there not the high in price


All good i went on ebay and got one for $20, should be here in a week. Im going to buy some trays to put under the pots which will help retain water longer through hot days and ill be able to measure ph from them. Not sure why i didn’t get them earlier since I’ve been having water issues for a month now…. ohwell. Hopefully things stay on track from here on in. Cheers for all the help Will, ill keep updates posted. just another Q when you’ve got time to answer. Any recommendations on additives to use during flowering while using roberts booster trio? I’ve got less than half a bottle of flower booster left so will have to transition onto the mass booster soon which is 2/4/15 npk.
Im thinking of next seasons grow also, Booster trio has worked extremely well as a stand along, but I want to get a bit more in depth next grow.

Only the two smaller plants are in full flower at the moment and I found some possible bud rot on just one of the buds on one plant. On the lowest branch also. Ive cut out all the dead growth, is this bud rot and if so what should I do?

Id already cut out a little bit of it by the time i took these photos.