Ant attacking soil

There is ant all in my soil they came right after I stared to put compost in they been in there for 2-3 month should I still use soil and is there a way to get them out without corn meal

Grits works for ants also .

pressure cooker sterilize the soil if you have the time or patience

I know it’s too late to comment but can’t stop myself as I also faced the same problem. I wanted this problem to be solved as soon as possible, so my aunt suggested me to hire a pest company like termite inspection Elk Grove and this worked for me. I felt so relieved after the problem was solved completely by those exterminators.

I have heard that ants are after something other than your cannabis plant.Like maybe leaf minors.Im having a problem with leaf minors.The flys are starting to get bad around here,and the leaf minors have just started showing up on my new girls.Any body have a good remedy for them.There showing up on the bottom leaves.Could it be my Bush Doctor potting soil?
Thanks for any advise

Maybe ask Kyle Larson next time, lol

I think contacting professional services is the best option available.

it apparently is NOT coming out of Fox Farm!!! My buddy grew in my back yard last year and bought some inespensive soil from the box store. full of ants, no more box store fertilizer for him…