Another White Widow Auto Questions

White Widow Auto
Soil indoors seed starter mix, cocco air, and compost
2x 250w draw LED LIGHTS

Ok my plant is about 10.5 weeks old. Leaves are yellowing and dropping. Buds getting fat tricombes clear starting to get a red hair here and there over all the buds. I am still getting new buds on the lower plant where light is getting to again. WTF is going on? Do I still feed these buds? When should I start flushing.



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You have a ways to go! If it’s 10.5 weeks old you are in about week 5.5 of flower if I was a gambling man. Keep on doing what your doing the good part is about to happen and they will swell!


Nice plant it’still has several weeks to go. Good luck

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All those straight, white pistols need @70% brown. So 3 months, then what She decides and needs.

Thanks guys. She has started to swell a couple of the colas are the dia of a beer can at the base all this since I first posted

Take some pics. I love to see progress

here are some new pics taken today! trichomes are still clear & white. gave her a bloom feeding most likely the last one what do you guys think



I see Lots of white hairs. More time.

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3 to 4 weeks IMO.

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thanks much I was getting concerned because she is past 12 weeks I have now seen that it is not uncommon for WWA to go 16 weeks


here are a few pics of the trichoms

Wow 14 to 16 weeks for the WWA? So many reviews about quick turnarounds and not many that sound like a photo. I ordered mine (wwa) a month ago and I hope I don’t get the same pheno! Never grown an auto, should be interesting. Anyway your girl looks beautiful nice work