Another Week Gone By. READY YET?


I’m not planning to do the 3x the size of your pot that I’ve heard recommended. For me that would mean 84 gallons, but I am going to do some before the next grow. The ph of my runoff looks pretty good right now.


Sadly I’m still using a dumb flip phone. I just can’t seem to move on from that feeling I’m calling up to the Starship Enterprise but if Uhura doesn’t answer pretty soon I may just have to move on.


I would say that 3 weeks is a more accurate transition period… I don’t count the first 3 weeks after light flip… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


I’m the same way since depending on plants age at flip it rarely starts blooming instantly though some how I have been managing to keep my stretch at minimal with last 4 flower cycles having plants not fully double on me during transition but over entire flower period I can only assume it’s my lights? The majority of their stretch is in the form of bud growth :slight_smile:


I finally started seeing color in the trichomes and over the last week or so started harvesting one at a time allowing a day or two between each one. My first grow I managed a whapping 2 1\2 oz. from 3 plants. Grow #2 once dried should be 13 oz. and change from 4 plants. That exceeded my goal so I’m very happy. Next go around I’m doing the SCROG and I’m so stoked to see what that’s going to look like. I will also start giving them some transition time so thanks for that info:four_leaf_clover: