Another Week Gone By. READY YET?

I watched a You Tube video that recommended looking at the trichomes deeper into the buds instead of the sugar leaves so I clipped a small one and took a look. Definitely different, Is it time?
What I thought were amber I circled RED
Cloudy BLUE
Been a wk. since last post and over 2 wk. since first.


It really depends on if you want couch lock you want more Amber try combs I normally do mine with about 30% for my daytime smoke and 60+ percent for my nighttime here’s a 30% that I normally do

I hope that helps your fine to harvest now now your best friend will be more patients in curing


It just seems that I look at one thing and I see clear and at some thing else and it’s cloudy and amber. I’m looking for a good hand held usb scope so I can check plants without clipping pieces off. Any recommendations. What do you use?

Well, I changed some settings on my Orb that helped a lot plus I just realized its been 70 days today on 12\12 lights and not 5-11-17 as I first thought. Wish I could say I had been partaking but I wasn’t. I think I’ve got this now, still have a ways to go.


They certainly seem to take forever! I bought a scope on Amazon that works pretty good! @kartch

Takes pretty good pics if you scroll up in my grow journal


So I have been reading not to count the first 2 weeks of 12/12. Why is that???

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I don’t think I’ve ever read that anywhere. I had one plant the leaves were all yellow and drying up. Didn’t have much as far as amber in the trichomes but I went ahead and gave it 2 days in the dark and it’s now drying. My other 3 are finally getting some color, one is doing the 2 days of dark and will decide, depending how they look, if I do the last 2 together or one at a time. The Blueberries say 65 days average flowering time and not counting the first 2 weeks would put these about right on time. Thanks for the info Max, and it’s always a good thing to leave a little head room

Time adjusted for transition @MAXHeadRoom

@MAXHeadRoom Another words it takes two weeks to transition into flower that’s why the first two weeks I like to call pre-lower hope that helps :pig2:

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The reason I was asking is I was wonder what nutes you would use during this period. Veg nute levels or flower nutes level

How many weeks are you in I start right after the two weeks

I’ll tell you what though I’ve recently started using flower power and holy cow out of everything I’ve tried it has showed so far the best results at my current stage

So after the 2 week transition you start using Flower Power

I’ve been flushing right now.

No start using your on the flower power it starts beginner seed ling then grow then flower than boost might be boost and flower don’t have it in front of me but you want to start your flowering nutrients

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I’m 78 days on 12/12 light. So if I didn’t count the first 2 weeks I think I’m right in the ball park with what I’m now seeing.

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What nutrients are you currently using

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I have been using the flower power and I do like it. This was just my 2nd harvest and it was much better than my first and I’m expecting good things on grow #3. Planning on doing the SROG and can’t wait to get started.

I don’t flush never could tell any difference imo