Another update i decided to give her a haircut

I took alot of the bottom growth off and inside growth that i know is just blocking sunlight to other branches. I feel like i may have went a little ocd on it and took too much off lol

How old is your plant, what type, and how many hours of full sun does it get?

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It is a hybrid hurricane is the strain its about 5 weeks into veg it gets sun from sun up to sun down

In a 17 gallon pot just transplanted 2 days ago

Others can chime in here, but it looks a bit small for 5 weeks, and I wouldn’t trim it at this stage regardless. It needs those leaves for photosynthesis in order to grow nice and big. If it’s outdoors in full sun, the sun’s movement across the sky will hit all of your leaves. I don’t think you’ve done any lasting damage, but I would leave it be for now as far as trimming. What soil is it in and are you feeding it?


Trim only as necessary to maintain good airflow within the plant. The plant needs those leaves to manufacture the sugars the plant needs to grow well.

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