Another "Rookie" Grow Started, 30 yrs Later

Yep, Now my head is clear :laughing: I thought you basically dusted the top of the pot.

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JUNE 28: Alpha - Watered 6 measured cups and got about 4 tablespoons runoff… Ph of runoff appears to be right at 6.5 .

June 28 - Temporarily Changed Light setup as & I have a 2nd Maxsisun PB1000 arriving Wed to pair with the 1st. (Another beautiful day - all plants outside for 8 hrs.)


hey made it back…
June 29th: 3rd Plant, Delta, has gone to its new forever home :slightly_smiling_face:
Ok, Now I am having so much enjoyment from this and with Alpha and Charlie being So physically different - and I prefer the shorter bushier Charlie - I decided a few days ago to do more manipulation to Alpha. Just for the hell of it as ‘experimentation’.
Stressed her good with h + lst. No more lol. Be interesting to see what next 6 weeks hold
Alpha: - Trimmed 2 lowest branches between 6/29 and 7/1…their opposite mates had been trimmed a week ago. (Alpha has 6 main branches.) Did some Heavy Lst for 24 hrs on Alpha and then undid hold-downs - 7/1. Placed thin rods around bag…clothespins attached to rod Only (temporarily)… and branches resting Against the rods.
Charlie: - Looking great. 6 main branches. Did minor Lst

JUNE 30th

JULY 1st

July 3rd. These girls sucking up the H2o. Still plain water with calmag. Ph between 6.3 - 6.5. Alpha recovering from stress i put her thru. Charlie is Rocking !

Final rotation for the day…

Charlie Rockin…


Woah…Its July 14 ! 11 Days gone by!! Time FLIES :crazy_face: :laughing:

Things Been going well.
July 6th: Alpha - Trimmed 2 lwr smallest branches - she’s still recovering ok
Charlie - plucked 4-5 fan leaves

JULY 9th: Busy Day. Got Ph and tds\ec pens.
Alpha - Ph’d water was 6.3 with CalMag. Slowly perimetered watered til I had 1/2 cup runoff. Pre and Post PPM was 358 / 925. Pre and Post EC of 698 / 1850.
ALSO managed to split Alpha but drop of honey and tight concise wrap and she’s kept on keepin on. Trimmed and applied bandaid over top of split to ward off pests etc.
Charlies: Looking fine…

Alpha July 9th

Charlie July 9

July 12th Trimmed 7/8 leaves from Charles and 4 from Alpha
Watering every 2 - 3 days - depends how much outside time they get each day.
Added 1/2 Dose of Big Bud in July 9th and July 12th waterings.
Will not use in next watering.

Alpha just before watering…


JULY 13th Alpha
Compared to Charlie she is becoming a Giant lol, may have to adjust :thinking:

JULY 13th Charlie

July 14th….last couple days been cloudy\ rain in the morning then plants out by 2 p.m. for at least 3 hrs natural sun. Also volunteered and worked past 4 days at PGA Jr. Boys Championship that a local course hosted. It was a Blast. 16 - 18 year old young men from all over country. They could Flat Play some Golf !

July 14th Alpha a lil More Lst goin on…
July 14th Charlie - growin’ like a weed

July 14th thoughts I Am a lil confused on exactly where I am in the Life Cycle of these plants since they are such different phenotypes ( Charlie - Indica dominant \ Alpha - Sativa dominant). May 19th was date roots popped out and seeds were put in soil. So Today Wed July 14th they are 8 weeks old. I am presuming at 10 weeks I will be getting real close. I have a feeling bud development on Alpha was hampered by my experimentation thru the last 4-5 weeks, combined with fact it’s growth was intially hampered by seed leaves remaining stuck.
And for that matter I stunted Charlies growth early on ( see early post ) and lost several days of qualty early growth. Gawd, I can’t wait to start next 2 !!
I haven’t got the super magnifier out yet to examine buds… may do that tonight.


I would guess you are closer to maybe 5 weeks out or more. These look like they are maybe 3 weeks into flower :thinking:

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Yea I was thinking a month also…prolly longer tho…and they’ll all grow and finish different anyways but you knew this when you planted different strains :grin::call_me_hand:t2:

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Nice, That’s sorta of time frame I was assuming when I dropped popped seed into Dirt May 19th. Thinkin Aug 11 would be approx target day ( 12 weeks ) On my calendar I marked June 25 as when I confirmed I knew for sure they were in flower, which was 5 weeks, to the day into grow. Or were they, with their Internal Clock, in fact flowering 4 weeks in ?..
I sure appreciate your input N2SY !


Hey grizz, thing is, I purchased pack of J. Herer Autoflower seeds from ilgm and both plants came from that batch of seeds (only ones I got). I’ve been told the difference is example of different Phenotypes of the same breed. ( both by ilgm support staff and earlier in thread ) So, Alpha has Sativa dominant gene and Charlie has Indica dominant gene I am presuming ? I am not up to speed on such matters. ( 1st World problems lol )
Appreciate your Input !

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Well it’s like I call em different strains but they’re not right? In all actuality it’s just a way for me to differentiate and not treat plants all the same :rofl:…like this is what you mean by phenos and how they grow different (when we think they shouldn’t cause they’re the same strain)….it’s like assuming twins are gonna be exactly the same throughout when this isn’t the case ever


:laughing: I just did twin 6 shooters. Once had normal super dense buds. The other had nice buds, but a whole different structure to them. You would never have known they were from the same seed :+1:

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wow, Time’s flyin’ by…

Everything’s been smooth. Still setting them outside every sunny day from 8:30a.m. - 5p.m.
Which makes them very thirsty. Still set at slight angle and rotated qtr turn every 20 mins when I’m home lol
Charlie has gorgeous developing buds that started thickening up last couple days
Alpha appears waaaay behind… probably due to all the stress I have put her thru ??
Couple Pics…

Til Next time… :us:


Hey Hay… by the calendar it’s 10 Weeks Today.

Charlie: - Buds have been Fattening up nicely. Really look great. Trich’s getting cloudy
Alpha: - Buds developing but nowhere near Charlie’s Level…
Got a scope for Trichomes - Pics below… Trich pics are of Lower Buds on stalk.
ALL Input always Appreciated :grinning:




Id say a cpl few weeks on the one atleast. Still looks pretty fresh alot of new white pistils and all the colored pistils are still long and not receded at all.


July 31st - A Few More Closeups from yesterday…

Charlie still got a good % of clear Trichs ( more than I prev thought )
Went back to back to plain ph’d water yesterday - will get some runoff next time to check ppm…see how superb soil is holding up. I presume it’s getting depleted.
Smell is not overpowering by any means. Quite pleasant.
((Alpha’s trich development is slow))

Following Pics Are Charlie Only…