Another "Rookie" Grow Started, 30 yrs Later

Background: 64 yrs old. Last grew 1990, primarily starting clones for others as setup was not geared for growing decent buds
Yes, this dawg is tryin to learn new tricks…
I am trying to get caught up on everything …and look forward to feedback
please be gentle lol
((Can’t wait to start again in Oct after learning from my “mistakes” ))

Indulge my Intro :innocent:

Retired 9 months ago and decided to do a small grow. Pretty much on a whim.
Naturally I didn’t research enough to catch up on latest , but am having an Absolute Blast !!!. … Such a relaxing hobby !
Despite some early setback they appear to be doing well…
Also appears I have 2 diff breeds from my order when all should be the same.?!

Bedroom Closet & Outdoor Grow w:
Strain: Jack Herer ( Bought pack of 10 from ILGM )
Type (fem/auto/reg): Auto
Climate (indoor/outdoor): BOTH (I am located on 38th Parallel …37.9 N )
Medium (soil/hydro/details): Super Soil from aPotForAPot & coco coir
pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: UNK… try not to have runoff
Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): H2o with CalMag up to today
Light type & schedule: 18 / 6 ( On at 6 a.m. \ Off at Midnight )
Ventilation: Open ended Closet with 2 fans
AC: House AC
Humidifier: No
De-humidifier: No
Co2: No
Canagrow 35w E26 full spectrum to start seeds
*Maxsisun PB1000 Pro
The Sun \ Sol
Quantum PAR meter
*Surenshy Moisture meter
1 Kit from aPotForAPot, 2 gal
Addt Super Soil mix from aPotForAPot, Coco coir \ Perlite \ diatomaceous earth
Addt 3 gal fabric bags
Cal/Mag \ Ph Up+Down

1st 2 weeks light 24/0 then switched to 18/6 ( On 6 a.m.til Midnight )

Grow began May 18th and is ongoing
With theSuper Soil - Water Only, Ph 6.2 - 6.5, until June 6, based on Weight of container. Avoiding Runoff. Began adding CalMag to watering on June 6…Avoiding Runoff
Ph between 6.2 - 6.5
Neem application every 7 days beginning June 2nd

Here We Go…
MAY 18: Three J. Herer Auto ( ilgm ) seeds placed in ph neutral water - Alpha, Beta, Charlie.
May 19 : Alpha & Charlie popped roots and planted in peat pot under 35w LED and tented
May 20: After 48 hrs Beta has not popped - placed in peat pot keeping moist.
May 22: Alpha up 1" and Charlie bulging dirt. Beta No change & Never sprouted
May 23: Alpha’s cotyledon\seed leaves stuck together ! Charlie peeking out

May 24: Alpha: seed leaves still stuck - 1st set of leaves sticking out. Put very small drop of water at point where stuck…
May 26: Alpha: still stuck closed - leaves sticking out are larger. Another drop of H2O.
Charlie: I Stressed her and am worried if she will make it. Stupid stupid mistake too
embarressed to elaborate
May 28: Alpha - Seed leaves Still stuck - another drop of H2O and her seed leaves FINALLY Popped Open !! 7 Days Late !! Charlie: hanging in there!
May 29: Alpha: Growing…can tell 1st set of leaves Impacted by seed leaves. staying stuck together. Charlie: is Recovering !

May 30: Alpha: transplanted to 2.5 gal bag Doing ok. Charlie: peat pot set into small pot while waiting for addt fabric bags I forgot to order - Still Very Small. Added plant “Delta” to the mix - started 5/26 for a friend of mine - doing very well
June 2: New Maxsisun PB 1000 arrived and hung. 18" at 70% - for the hell of it
June 4: Change Light schedule from 24/0 to 18/6
June 6: Ppfd Light meter arrives! Should have bought this 1st !
Maxsisun over A & C \ 35wLED over D.
Alpha - growing… BUT…IS Alpha The SAME Strain As Charlie ??
Charlie doing Fine, but where are those new Bags! Adding CalMag to waterings

June 13: Alpha has 4 nodes. Charlie 4 nodes and good extension so I Topped Her
June 14: Transplant C & D to 3 Gallon bags - Finally. Alpha - seems to be growing better , (Trim 1 lower fan leaf) Charlie - Looks v good, (Trim 1 lower fan leaf) Delta - ok Pretty sure A & D are a Diff Strain than C…need to send pics to ilgm.

June 15: Begin placing All in sun on deck 9 - 5. Chocked at a 35 degree angle AWAY from current sun position and Rotated a third turn every 20 mins thus exposing lower and inner growth to more sunlight ( advantage of being retired )
June 19: Alpha - Female Pistils ID’d. Trim 1 lower fan leaf (2nd) Charlie - LST 1st branch \ Trim 1 lower fan leaf (2nd) Delta - 4 nodes

June 21: Alpha - Topped & Trim 1 1st node branch & Trim 1 2nd node branch. Charlie - LST 2 addt branches ( 3 total now )
June 22: Alpha - Looking Good. Charlie - V. Good - trim 2 baby sprouts Branch 3 1st node. Delta - looking good

Every time I Trim something there are no visible ill effects. Plants are Rocking!! What if Alpha and Charlie weren’t stressed early - I figure their growth was stunted 5’ish days?
Is My Trimming effecting the internal clock ??

June 25: Alpha Looking Good.

Charlie Looks to be Flowering.???

June: 26th: Delta Topped at 4 wks 1 day (Delta Leaving for a new home a new home soon). Watering day, with CalMag added Ph 6.5
I sent Pics and info to ilgm for Input on which plant is the Jacke Herer. A. & D have some 7 fingered leaves and C. has Only 5 fingered leaves. and is darker. SO I am "Presuming that Alpha and Delta are the J. Herer I ordered and Charlie is the “mystery” plant ???


June 26: Soaking up some Sun…


Nice job on your grow so far! Sounds like you did your research before kicking off.

Plants from the same strain can grow differently. They won’t all look the same as there are different pheno types.


Ya, I was wondering about that very thing - diff Pheno types that is…

Considering how much has changed in 30 yrs, feel like I really have been winging it considering autos are such a diff animal…

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June 27: Thirsty Plant.Alpha: - 2 Gallon bag - Gave her 5 measured cups, with CalMag, yesterday morning - No runoff - and 30 hrs later I am taken aback how light bag is already and meter shows borderline moist/dry, will be watering again tomorrow looks like. I assume spending 8 hrs a day in full sun, at an angle being rotated every 20-30 mins, contributes to quicker consumption.??

Charlie: ( in 3 gal bag) Fed 5.5 cups H20 with CalMag and dose of Big Bud. Trimmed couple bottom most leaves ( totally in shade )


Welcome to the forum. I will be tagging along here :grin: You look to be off to a good start.
Just a FYI if I am reading right. If the Big bud is the AN line. that is for the 3rd week of flower and on. :grin: I am in coco and use that as well. I am sure you all ready know you want to keep a descent amount of run off for the coco one :grin: I :grin:shoot for 3 to 4 cups, run off each feed or water I do. That will keep you from needing to flush the coco one


Welcome. This is a great way to retire. When people ask what I am up to now I just say gardening. Lots of gardening. I grew a Jack Herer auto indoors (the three I had outside did not survive the caterpillars). It was slow to start and vegged for 50 days. Ended up really nice. It was a good grow.
Good luck and have a blast.


Thanks N2SY ! A) Thanks for info on BB, it Is the AN line. No more til week 3. B) All 3 have the same coco % ( matched the ratio of the potforapot kit when prepping 2nd 2 bags…I added a thin layer of super soil to top of Charlie and Delta which hides the coco in the mix. C.) So I Do want to Have that much runoff each feeding ? That’s ‘flushing’ that needs to be done at this stage…? Thanks for all

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I haven’t ever used soil. @dbrn32 or @Covertgrower may know. If it is just a small amount. Odds are you will be washing it away. The coco needs to stay wet so watered every day.


When using super soil, you want to avoid run off if possible, but still making sure the soil is saturated. Seeing a little run off won’t be the end of the world.


@Covertgrower if he has no run off. Isn’t that going to create more issues down the road. It is a guarantee he will have to do a flush at some point. Jut asking so I will know too :grin: Seems like just letting the top layer wash off would be better? He has a long way to go in this grow. :thinking:


Cool…been watering to where the bottom is all damp but not dripping. Fairly heavy lol. Slowly adding water as bag is rotated.

Back in 'til tomorrow morning.

Noticed Charlie has 5, 6, and 7 fingered leaves.
I don’t remember seeing “6” fingers before lol

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Nice job so far. If i may next time ditch the peat pods or when u transplant rip the net the roots dont grow as they should thru them. Ull see on another grow not using them or ripping the netting.


@Not2SureYet in a super soil grow, watering to run off is not recommended because you’re rinsing out vital nutrients that would stay in the soil.
Flushing is also not recommended as it’s rinsing all of the nutrients out, that you’ve added.
Healthy microbes keep the balance for everything. Teas, and top dressings all add beneficial bacteria and fungi to the root zone.


Ya, That’s what I thought. I have not added anything to Water other than CalMag as Super Soil contains so much ‘good stuff’. I’ve presumed I will be flushing at the end. (?)

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ALSO, just as a note…I fill gallon jugs with tap water and set outside Uncapped in sun during day and cap 'em at night. I do this for 2 days before adding CalMag and then adjusting Ph on the 3rd day. (I have many gallon jugs in rotation lol)

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Ok, I could see that if he actually used most of that. But it said it was just a thin top layer. So most of it is coco :thinking: I will just sit back and watch :grin: Best way to learn stuff :grin:

I’m on the same road my brother, 64 and renewing a old hobby. I have 4 OG Kush girls that I staggered in plant with the youngest just cracked a couple of days ago. I planted in 5 gl. buckets because I wanted give my girls as much root space as possible without overcrowding my room. I like a little runoff, it gives me a way to check my PH and EC/TDS. I have a 6 bucket RWDC system setup ready to go, I think I’m going to try some clones. I was to chicken to use high dollar seed as a trial run. Been growing in soil since the mid 70s. Good luck, looks good. Cat


Hey N2SY, it’s on me :innocent:, I wasn’t clear inre my soil mix. For Charlie and Delta, I just recreated the “aPotForAPot” receipe - I took 2 Bricks of coco coir and made it into a ‘slurry’ and mixed in 5 cups Super Soil, and appropriate amounts of Perlite, Diamaceous earth, and rooting powder. Bottom of 1/3rd of bag filled with Super Soil and then the coco coir \ Super Soil slurry mix poured on top, Seedlings transplanted and then 1 inch Super Soil spread on top as i was still several inches from top of bag. ( Alpha did not get top layer of S.S. as PotForAPot kit pretty much filled bag - have had some settling but nothing added )
Hope this helps :grin:

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