Another question about PPMs

I’m still trying to wrap my head around what PPMs mean and how I should be measuring them. I’m growing in soil and using FF nutes. When I add the amount listed on the schedule based on the week I’m in, the PPMs measure around 600, but the schedule says they should be 1750-2100. So does that mean I need to add more nutes until I get to that number?

I’m not using every single product listed on the feeding schedule, so that could be why. My plants are looking good - no deficiencies apparent, and no nute burn. Am I underfeeding them if I don’t add more nutes to bring up the PPMs?

Your plants should be biggest indicator of what is and isn’t working each strain will like more or less nutrients since no 2 plants are alike ppm is a rough way of judging what they have there to build off of. Some people like to try and push ppm until plants shows signs of overfeeding I prefer less is more approach but ppm is a good way of tracking what worked for each strain


I had this question with regards to coco and the answer I got was the same. We generally overfeed and 500 to 600 ppm is generally a good place to start from. Let your plants tell you from there.