Another question about harvesting

I am anticipating that when it finally comes time to harvest I will have a busy day at work and won’t be able to harvest first thing in the morning. Let’s say I determine by the trichomes that it is time to harvest, can I simply cut the plant at the bottom of the stalk and hang it upside down until later that afternoon?

Also I have seen some advice to cut the plant down in the dark before it is exposed to any light to prevent the plant from trying to uptake any water or nutrients. Is this necessary, especially if I have used plain water for the last two weeks? Thanks.

You will read a bunch of different opinions on how and when to chop. Some techniques are valid others are supersticious bs. Its hard to tell the difference sometimes. Dont get too hung up on this stuff.

For years i just opened room. And started cutting. I gave no thought to getting them in the morning, before they get light, 48 hrs dark, splitting stems, flushing, anything. I just cut, dry and smoke.

Nowadays i watch trichomes, when i see ambers on buds i start flush. Flush for one week with flawless finish. After a week i split stems, coat the top of pot with ice and go to 48 hrs dark(this is actually 36 to 60 hours depending on my schedule). After 48bin dark i cut entire plant and hang upside down for 7 days. Then to jars. 1 week burp 2 times a day then one week of once a day. Then seal up and two week cure. The whole time watching moisture and humidity.

The stem splitting and ice are my “superstition” steps because i cant prove, or aint convinced they do anything. Everything else is valid tho.

Short answer, is it really doesnt matter. Dry it and smoke it. Thats it. A controlled dry and proper cure of at least 2 weeks makes more difference than anything i brlieve.


My man. Been wondering