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Hello guys I’ve been lurking here for a while but this will be my first post. I am going to attempt my first indoor grow and just learned about Quantum Boards from this forum. I was looking at a locally built kit but honestly have NO idea if it’s any good. Here are the specs as quoted and would appreciate any ones thoughts. Thanks.

535W Quantum LED
1,152 Samsung LM301B diodes - 3000K
Seed to harvest no need to change bulbs/kelvin for grow/flower.
Easily flower out a 4x4 Space with massive PPFD numbers.
Exact same units as HLG with better ppfd for half the cost.
Inventronics 600W LED driver better than MW
12V output for fans/Aux
Temp ramp down feature
Bees knees of LED drivers
4 Folux 2.0 - Samsung 301B Quantum Boards
4mm anodized black heatsink
Prewired with Waterproof connector & 10FT cord
Fully dimmable/dim to off feature, better than meanwell.
I have Bluetooth option available as featured on HLG 600H


Do you have pictures? Data sheet? Website? Sounds intriguing. @dbrn32


They are posted in a local buy and sell. The only specs I have are copy and pasted to my original post. He wants $750 Canadian. I just wondered if it is a GOOD build or a CHEAP build as I know nothing about LED lights.

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$750 he is likely building them and flipping for a few dollars profit.

Those drivers are about $160, and the boards are knock offs from Alibaba. If you sourced all the parts to build in US even directly from HLG is about $550. Quite a bit lower buying in bulk from China.


OK thanks for the response.


So I have a little more information. Apparently the guy is a tech and he builds lights on the side. After checking his ad again I realized he was selling them for $725 not $750 like I previously posted, but he would sell me 2 for $700 each. @dbrn32 from researching this forum you seem to be the go to light Guru so I will ask you this question a little differently if I may. If you were to build this kit what would you do differently and why ? As he says he is building these lights I’m guessing he could change things up easily enough. Also does $700 seem fair for the build he is offering bearing in mind I am talking Canadian $$$. Thanks for the help. On a side note, I was leaning towards 630 CMH before i got sucked into the LED vortex lol.

Here are a few pictures if it helps.


Oh that’s y there 725 n he can go to 700 look what u get in a hlg 600 kit

hlg 600 rspec pre fabbed and tested from horticulture light group for 732+80 to come premade or u can get the kit cheap…look how mu h nicer light mine is built

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And I just noticed yours are nm ot rspec so there even cheaper or should be those are like 3500 v1 or v2s

Man, I just posted about interest in this light! Hope it’s a flippin beacon!

This light is ridiculously bright if you layed under it for an hour you’d get a tan I swear

Me, @Hogmaster and @Countryboyjvd1971 use cmh and love them. They have some light spectrum that the quantum board doesn’t have

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Yeah I love mine

That was my first idea before I went with the rspecs and dude didn’t mind the price difference because the fact dont need to change bulbs every year the run pretty cool with fan blowing over the fins even cranked all the way up 103° they run at in my room

I would space boards out more. And the $700 is cad or us? For $700 you can get authentic hlg boards, I’m guessing they have better flux bin if those other boards even use authentic leds.

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Those look like monster garage dont look professional …probally work fine but just not best quality part looks like were used

I’m not sure if I am allowed to post a link but at HLG Canada this kit (# 260W QB V2 RSPEC LED KIT) is $470 + 13% tax = $531 Canadian as compared to the guy selling the 535 Watt “Monster Garage” build for $700 Canadian.

Update…Today I grabbed a deal that I wasn’t expecting but found hard to pass up. I got a 10x10 Gorilla Grow tent , a Spectrum King Closet Case 140, a Trolmaster HCS-1 environmental controller, a 4 pot Autopot system and a full nutrient kit. Everything was brand new never opened but had to be taken as a kit. I’ve been grabbing stuff as I see deals for a while now so I also have a 4 pot Autopot XL system and two 6" 442 CFM fans with charcoal filters and lastly I have three 6 bulb 48" T5HO fixtures that I’ve used in the past to start things off for outdoors.(which is the full extent of my indoor growing experience to date)

The tent is bigger than I had planned on but at least I will have lots of room to work with. I will be growing a few large plants rather than many small plants to conform to our current laws. I have had good success outdoors with LST training as well as Manifolding or Mainlining and will be putting these techniques to use indoors. I would be trying to achieve a 4 plant perpetual harvest.

So back to the lights…the T5 HO fluorescents should be fine for starting seeds and some vegging ? and the spectrum king CC140 is “supposed” to do a 3x3 area right through to bud but I figure I still need either a quantum board set up of some sort or two 630 CMH fixtures. I can get 2 Sunstream 630W Double Bulb CMH full systems for about $700 CDN brand new from Sunstream with bulbs(not Philips). Or I still haven’t got a clue. lol
Any suggestions ?

You can get cmh systems much cheaper if your gonna spend 700 might as well get a diy kit from hlg 600 kit 4 of those in a 10 x 10 is what I flower with I’m 2 10x 10 rooms ro if you wanna look at my set up possibly for ideas I’ll tag u in I’m currently awaiting 16 samsung double row strips to build 4 400 watt vegg lights

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@fano_man thanks for the help. FYI I am in Canada so suppliers are a little different here. I can’t even find that kit on HLG Canada site but they do have a 320W XL QB V2 R SPEC LED KIT for $660 Canadian $$.

I just found this guy who is building and selling these lights but not sure if they are good or not.

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