Another one bites the dust!

I can grow 12 of the same strain and end up with only 4 to 5 that are worth smoking almost a waste of time unless your growing a hundred plus plants It takes the fun out of growing

Just grow the five ‘worth’ smoking is what I would try. Or work out what the difference between them was. Clone the good ones maybe.

Cant clone there in 6 week of flower !!

Yes you can. It’s called monster cropping.


I dont have the time or the space to mess with Monster Cropping!!

So what is going wrong. A few more details please.

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Its comes down to crappy phenotype Every strain i grow Im lucky to get one plant thats worth smoking everything else goes to the compost pile not worth doing anything with weed that has zero buzz .

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Pics would help, could be a different issue unless they’re less than respectable seed bank


I buy only from ILGM .

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Can’t speak for your space but I have 3 generations of the same plant flowering right now

Clones from a clone



Cuttings were took in veg and the day of flip


It’s something else. I’ve had a 98% germ to harvest with ILGM seeds as have most cultivators here in the community :love_you_gesture:


I’ve had 100% with ilgm so far. 6 WW autos and 3 gold leaf. Still have 14 and 7 left from each


Do you still only have a 1000 watt hps

I like to keep a log book to follow my keepers over the years. With the goal of always improving your stock. No one can do this for you (unless you are Jim Belushi ha). Have you ever tried taking a small clone early in veg? They need minimal care and are a nice backup (dog sat on my plant for example) incase the worst happens. But more importantly, you have a backup incase something is great fire.

I agree monstercropping takes a while. I have been fond of pollinating those in the past while waiting for them to reveg. They readily take pollen, will reveg, and ripen seeds at the same time. I have done it a bunch…makes it less of a time waste with seeds too at the end.

In you run the females and take no clones, it’s the luck of the weed gods. Some will always be better than their sis. It doesn’t matter if it’s 30$ pack or 300$ pack. If you had small clones you would save time with selection actually. VS popping a new pack, growing it out, drying, and selecting. And still chucking half to the red wigglers. What if you knew all 6 (or12) lit you up last time. No wasted space or time this time.


I have been doing 1 plant and take clones from that and root them and grow the clones. They grow faster and seem to be a little better growing than a seed plant I have found the same with growing the same strain and do like 4 seeds and all 4 will taste and smell total different from one another. But that’s genetics for ya. Super good genetics. More expensive usually will all lean close to the same with all the seeds finding a good mother for strains unlike takes a minute to do lol and alot of dropping of seeds. When u find that one monster crip is the way to keep it around. It don’t require alot of light or alot of space really just a consistent light 24 7 for a while til revegged and rooted any cheap 30 to 50w light will be great for a veg light as long as it don’t have alot of red look. More blue is better for vegging

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Glad it works for you but I have no room nor the time !!

:+1::+1::love_you_gesture: you tried my friend


That reminds me of the time my kindergartener asked “why her kindle kept dying.” I replied “because you forgot to put it back on the charger.” Her response was, “I don’t have time for that daddy”. My response,” I am sorry to hear that.”

Sorry, not trying to be an a**hole. Selection for better plants is a long game in my humble opinion.


Get old…look back…will regret all the i do not have the time statements. I do.

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