Another noob question regarding lights

At what point is it “too much light”?

After doing research, I have come to learn that lighting needs are based on 2 parameters- overall square footage and the actual footage of canopy. Lighting based solely on overall footage tends to be a waste of light and electricity.

My dilemma-

I am currently running a 3x3 tent with 2 ParFactWorks RA2000 that pull 230 watt each at wall for a total combined output of 460 watts. If I do the above calculation, my overall footage is 9 sq ft (3X3) resulting in 51.1 watts per square foot.
By using calculation for proposed canopy coverage( 2’x2’), my output jumps to 115 watts per foot of coverage.

As seen in picture below, you can see signs of light light burn. I have also posted pictures of what the total lux readings at 30" and 36".

Do you believe the 14k lumen reduction will eliminate the potential for further light burn or should I reduce output in half until I flip to flower?

*at this point, my plant is 14 days old.

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Lumens isn’t really a good way to measure grow lights. Lumens is what the human eye sees. Plants see something referred to as PPFD.

To answer your question; I can see that your plant is getting too much light because of the node spacing on her. I would back the lights off so she stretches out a bit.


To give you an idea, this is what royal queen seeds recommends for LUX

Like FlxerPower said PPFD is a better measure. Then the next step is DLI (daily light interval)


Yeah that’s way too much light for early veg, even one of the lights at full power is too much light for early veg. I’m running about 160 watts (2 HLG 135 at 80 watts each) at about 30" above the plants for my 2 week old plants and even that is pushing it a little.


At the current set up, I am pushing about 550 PPFD using both lights. As I read this, I am inclined to unplug 2nd light until flower.


This is why I enjoyed outdoor growing outdoors so much better. :laughing:


You are in good hands with above comments. Go ahead and shut one light down, raise the other up or dim if need be.


I got sidetracked yesterday. Yes back off on the lights. As they grow keep an eye on the node spacing. It is one way they tell you they want more light. If the nodes spacing is consistent and the desired length, then the light is just right. If the spacing gets stretched out, longer than desired, then more and closer light is called for.
I tried my first outdoor grow last summer. The plants were doing great until caterpillars destroyed them. I was probably a week late with the bug netting and insect soap. I will try again this year. More prepared and better armed.

Thank you and everyone else that responded. I have reduced light output in half and added two cheap burple lights, The plant has responded very enthusiastically, a very healthy green and a little more stretched out.

Thank you all again!!!

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Glad to hear it. Blurples are perfect for vegging

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@beardless should I add the other light when I flip or just her her ride with 1 light and the Chinesium burples?

Another indoor noob question- how long do you veg your plants? Is 6 weeks long enough to get an even 2x2 canopy?