Another noob needing help

Good morning all. So I have clones I got from a local place. Ever since I planted them the leaves at the bottom have been turning yellow and dying. I trimmed them off but the whole plant looks a lot less than healthy. Here are the specs
I have planted them in foxfarm soil in Styrofoam cups.
They get sunlight during the day and T5 agrobright 54 watt full spectrum 6500K high output bulb at night.
I water them once every few days

All I can think of is maybe temperature shock but my seedlings are doing fine and I try to keep the temps steady.

How long have you had them in the cups ?

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Your clones also appear to be in early flower (white pistils showing), how much light per day do they receive? Or was the mother in early flower ? Do you have drainage holes in the bottom of the cups ? If they haven’t established roots no sense in watering that much. Might want to cover them with a bag or something, create a little green house, spray inside keep humidity high. Sunlight might be to much for them at this stage, maybe put them under the 54 watt full time 18 plus hours, maybe even 24 for now until they establish roots, although I’m not sure how long you had them, maybe they already have roots, any new growth ?

Looks like white pistils but gets blurry when I zoom in

Time to repot!

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I have had them in the cups about a month. Not sure about the mother plant. When I got them the roots were in a tiny green square wrapped in a wet paper towel. I removed the paper towel and planted it about halfway into the cups. I noticed those early flower signs when I first got them actually. I was able to make those pistils disappear for a bit but looks like they are back.

I Typically leave them outside on a table from first light then as the sun sets bring them inside and put them under the T5 bulb during the night. Perhaps they need some darkness so the roots can grow?

I have 4 holes on each cup poked in the bottom that drain pretty well.

They have definitely grown some since I got them. A bit taller and some new growth.

Thanks Dave101. Love that Avatar!

Time to repot them. I wasn’t sure if they already came with roots or not, but a month in a little cup like that, I’d say go ahead and Transplant

Thanks man! That’s exactly what they needed. They are much thicker and sprouting new leaves shooting up! Plus all the leaf decay has stopped!