Another newbie, sorry!

I transplanted my auto skittlez and she’s about 41/2 feet tall clustering you nicely just do as minimal evasiveness to her when transplanting and they’ll do fine one I was a little rough and she’s only about foot and half but if done careful great results I used azos and mykos when transplanting em

After you sent me the post, I “carefully” cut away the pots and moved the soil slugs into the main pots. They seem to like that move…lol.


Guys, should I go 20-4 now with light or stay at 24 with it until remove the dome?

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Forgot to tag you all, should I go 20-4 now with light or stay at 24 with it… until I remove the dome?


There r no rules to growing, do as you want. But, i run 20/4. They need their rest just like we do. I some time do a week of 24 when they first pop too

I like 24 hrs light the first week (autos) then 18/6 or 20/4.

I was doing 19/5 on this round plants seemed to like it helped regulate my temps a little more too getting colder but with autos you can really run 24/7 all the way no need to change for flower but like @Axemanjake23 said they definitely do benefit from a little rest I’ve noticed lots of growth when lights are off only other thing is in the 1 gallons not gonna get as big as they can be I prefer least 3 gallons for my autos

Thanks everyone!! I too liked to just watch plants and have them tell me what they need (well as far as my first outdoor grow and over the years with veggies and other plants). These pots look like 1 gallon but they’re 3 . I think it’s the plastic dome that makes them look small. It’s a 2 liter Coke bottle bottom… ha, ha, ha…

Thank you!!!

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I prefer dunkin donuts cups since I have so gd many of them?? :rofl:



One of my lowryders.

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These are northern light autos. About a month old. 12/12 light. They’re a nice healthy color but I over adjusted the camera brightness.

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Wait…did you say 4 weeks old??

Wow…this is gonna be so cool …cant believe it. It’s almost as if you can watch them grow.

Some sick engineering. What would you say the average yield is for Auto’s if grown 100% correctly with +/- 10% for different strains?

@RBucey BTW…very nice plants!!!

Thanks! It takes a lot of trial and error. I usually get a little over an ounce per plant with autos.

This is my first try with ILGM northern lights. I’ve grown a lot of autos but northern lights auto seem to do the best.

I like to grow lowryder because they’re fun. They all grow a little different but they’re always good.


RB, was at 26", I’m thinking they’re searching for more so I’m moving the light to 24" , broke surface 10/17. Thoughts?

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Hi all…any of you folks out there tonight for a little advice?

Looks great. Should grow well.