Another newbie, sorry!

Also, just on my experience, flipping to 12/12 did mine the world of good so defo worth considering when you reach flowering stage.
I think you can encourage them to flower sooner by flipping the lights but imo I’d wait for them to tell you when they’re ready.

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Cal max should be safe but I wouldn’t use it everyday like the directions say. Try a little first and see how the plant reacts. Then maybe once a week. And keep an eye on the ph. It might raise it. (Someone with more hydro experience might know more)

I always go with 12/12. I found that if you put a plant on 12/12 you end up with a 3 foot plant that gives you an ounce. But if you put it on 18/6 you get a six foot plant that gives you an ounce.

But I never had trouble with autos flowering. So it must have been topping it that slowed it down.

Autos are a totally different plant now. When they first came out they were very fussy. The recommendations for autos use to be direct sow them, because they didn’t transplant well; don’t top them, because they didn’t do well then either; and don’t clone them, because that didn’t work either. But now they seem just as hearty as regulars and there doesn’t seem to be much difference in how you treat them.

And by the way, your plant is looking very good.

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So here’s my northern lights auto. As you can see she’s ready. But I’m going to let here go just a little longer to fatten up the lower buds.

I ran it on 12/12. It’s 11 weeks old. If you look closely you’ll see I never cut any leafs off. You can see the fan leafs are dying back. That’s a good sign this late in the game. Fan leafs are like fat cell. Plants draw nutrients from them if needed. You can also see some leafs look like they have nutrient burn. That’s where I over watered it. Once it dried out it recovered nicely.

But the real beauty of an unmolested plant is the great big bud in the middle.

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Looking at this photo I’m curious if you have any environmental contributors - humidifier/dehumidifier, heater/ac, etc.
My tent is 3x3x6. I have a htr & humidifier in there. Seems when the girls really start expanding accessing the floor will be a challenge.
For my set up I would need to elevate the plants high enough to clear the equipment I’ll need.
How do you manage it?

I try to keep as little stuff in the there as possible. But that’s because I’m paranoid. Water and electricity don’t mix.

Where I live humidity is always a problem. So air circulation is important. I get those cheap little fans at the hardware store and hang them near the top.

In the winter I put a small but decent space heater in with them. One that has a temperature control on it. I usually set it at 65° f. Some plants like it warmer. When the lights are on it’ll warm up to 80° f.

If your set up is in a spare room you can put the humidifier and a/c outside the tent.

Since I’m a potting soil person I can always move the plants out of the way if I need in there.

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@CalamityJane @RBucey @Willum

Thanks guys…I’m going for it :facepunch:

Bring on pay day!!

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Hi all…I opened up the tent today and something high me hard
Just want to thank you all who have helped me to this stage. I’m excited to flower etc etc but to have a plant like this doing so well is extremely gratifying and I owe alot to everyone on this thread. I’m so proud and you had a major role in that. Heres to you and a big thank you!!!.you all should be very proud of what you do for all of us!!!



@Tenga, @Covertgrower


A very nice sentiment of gratitude. I agree! Meeting people and forming friendships on this forum really impacted the course of my retirement activities. I got the support for my hobby here, that I dont have irl.


Sweet looking plant. Looks like you are going to have some nice colas coming. Keep it up. Peace


Happy to help when I can!!

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Looks awesome. Are you sure you’re a newbie?:thinking:

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Congratulations on a successful grow so far! She’s a beaut! Continued positivity and growth! :peace_symbol:

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Aww look at you getting all sentimental :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
That’s very kind of you. You’re smashing it!

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@RBucey Woo hoo potting soil person!


Ha, ha, ha…I know CJ. But I really mean it. I wouldn’t have this without ya’ll. No way.

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Looking good!

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Good to hear from you man. Have you grown any Autos or do you stay with photos? I’d like to get your input on light cycle for Autos for flowering,
but I think all the plants in your other post are all photos so…not sure. I think you may have eluded to the 12/12 when you said above

Thanks in advance

From my first outdoor grow this past summer…life is good…


Yeah I don’t do autos.

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