Another newbie, sorry!

Hi everyone!!

My first time growing outdoors was so great (and extremely lucky) this year, I cant get enough fun. I’m taking another plunge into indoor growing. Ive been studying hard. I bought some Gorilla Glue Autoflowers, 2x2x4 grow tent, Mars Hydro TS 600W LED Full Spectrum Lamp, Happy Frog, 1 gallon fabric pots, germinating only 2 seeds and they are peaking. I have Bio Bizz Grow, Bloom and Top Max with some CANNA Bio Rhizotonic root juice and Molases on tap for when/if the time is right. 3 questions
1- How bad am I with this set up?
2- I read that you can put the Autos in the final pot, but I’ve read so much, I’m looking for recommendations(?)
3- Will 30" be too much light for the seedlings?

Thanks in advance!!


Welcome to the forum. A lot of great people and advice for you here. But one thing you @Tenga @kaptain3d might want to know.


Thanks AutoMattik,

I had a great time this year



Newbie but grew up in the 70’s and 80’s. God I’ve missed so much fun!


Hi welcome to the forum! Im just learning autos myself. I dont have Mars lights so i cant answer that. But I do know u want to get that right. Autos are unforgiving and go thru the veg phase quickly.
Give autos light 24/0 the first week then 20/4 for 3 weeks then go to 12/12.
Maybe one of these guys can help with ur other questions. @Drinkslinger @Covertgrower

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I use Mars Hydro and I start my seedlings about 30 inches away from the light. Read your plant if it is stretching out as a Seedling the light is too far away

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Very nice…good luck w the indoor girls little different kind of love indoor. I always tell ppl start the light of high 26/30" (sounds good) and bring down slowly much easier to fix a stretching seedling then it is to start over with a toasted one. Lol


Thanks for all the information everyone!
Love this site!!

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You’re covered here, but feel free to tag me if you need anything. Welcome!

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Thank you again Covertgrower!

I start the auto seeds the same as regulars.

And by the way… I saw your pictures and I think you should be the one giving us advice.


Ha, ha, ha thanks RB. I learned everything here from the site and got really lucky. I went happy frog and nature’s living soil for outdoor believe or not. I have a water filter system on the house and photo period them with a flower tent. I never knew what kind of strain it was …or really what it is right now. Its smooth, piney and strong. Sour Diesel maybe?? No Nutrients except some Dr Earth Bloom. I’ve been gardening for years so I have a light green thumb. I hope I do well with the Autoflowers too. From what I read, pay attention to detail and be patient.


@Covertgrower I’ve always started vegatable seeds in small pots and transferred when roots show and did my first outdoor grow like that. But I saw where you can plant autoflowers in final pots right from germination. Can you shed some light on this one for me??


Yeah, technically you can just throw the auto seeds in the final pot, but I do the same thing you do for your veggies. Start them in a small pot and transplant them when the roots show.

Autos have come a long way in the last twenty years. When they first came out they were pretty wonky and didn’t do well if you transplanted them. However that is no longer the case.

What the hell kinda newbie is this? :joy: those pics look great


You certainly can. Most would dome it to keep humidity up, and after the leaves reach the sides, dome comes off, and they finish out the rest of the grow.

Thanks everyone!!

Ha, ha, ha…too late. They were peakin (…and so was I !!) so I started them the old fashion way in small pots with domes. Did I say patience was very important above? Ha, ha, ha…!

I’ll be fine I’m sure.

Thanks everyone !!!

An extremely lucky one to find this site…ha, ha, ha…thank you!!

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Funny story about how much I’m rookie. I start the photo period cycle on the plants above and after about a week or two I start to see the fan leaves yellow, I flip out!! The girls have been on autopilot for months!! Why now!!!
I’m killing them!! It goes on for days. The moisture, PH, nutrients all great! But then boom, all the branches shot up about 6" for what seemed like over night So I’m like whaaaaaat??. Days of hell and worrying but man, look at these things go! So yeah, needless to say I went from total devastation to dancing around the yard like a 10 year old when I found out they were doing exactly what they were supposed to be doing…ha, ha, ha!! So many appologies to the spouce!!