Another newbie question

70 day grow cycle means what? I think I totally misunderstood!

Auto or photo?
For the flowering phase?
Or for the entire life of the plant?

Entire grow cycle would mean seed to harvest. Autoflowers typically have 60-80 day grow cycle. (Approximately)

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@Covertgrower I am growing autoflowers that said 70 day grow cycle… is that seed to harvest or how long after flower? Thanks in advance

That is an optimistic days from seed to harvest. My experience with autos is that they have taken between 110-130 days seed to harvest.


I think that refers to how long before they start flowering the auto flower I grew started trying to flower at 10 weeks/70 days

That my friend, from my experience, is a long time for an auto to start flowering. Depending on goals of the farmer, the farmer will flip their photo periods starting as soon as4 weeks. A 10-week veg period on a auto defeats the quicker turn expected from the auto.


As for the light my first knee I ordered was a 300w vivosun. My girls really like that. So I ordered the 600w and will leave both lights in there

Yeah I have only grown the one so my knowledge is limited I’m sure it was around 10 weeks before it flowered maybe I was sent the wrong seeds

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Wow that had to be a beast of an auto 8 weeks before flower. Pretty sure that’s flower time

I wish it never got that big and the buds were pretty average going to stick to the feminised varieties from now on you don’t need auto flower indoors still got one going down in the greenhouse it’s 14 weeks old and still flowering with a good month to go

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Dang mine always bloom around 5 to 6 weeks

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I thought it took forever it was a terrible plant I took clones before I knew how bad it was and threw them away after I harvested I’ll stick to my normal plants from now on you really don’t need anything else if you are growing indoors,
I still have one going outside in my greenhouse it’s been in flower for 9-10 weeks and has at least a month to go

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