Another newbie question... harvest time for sleep

I grow GDP for sleep. I read an article that said something like “harvest to soon, less potent. Harvest to late and you get basically sleep meds”… which is exactly what I want.

Can anyone confirm with first hand or researched knowledge about this? I don’t need the high. I need the knock you out for the night.

I can share the link to the article if requested by its not from ilgm so I didn’t want to break a rule or anything


I go for about 30-60%amber trichomes sometimes. Harvest timeline will depend on strain. My grows sometimes extend 2 weeks further. Wifey calls it my knockout weed.

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You will want plenty of amber among the trichomes at harvest. CBN (the “sleepy” cannabinoid) is at its max when trichs are amber.

I grow for the very same reason and I give my plants an extra week or 2 before harvesting so that amber trichs are maximized.


Awesome. Thanks. Its so hard to get logout info online. I have seen articles that say THCa is best for sleep, and another that said THCa does nothing at all. Lol. So many speak without knowing shit.


CBN is what you are looking for. As trichs turn amber, THC is converted to CBN, though keep in mind that THC content will still be relatively intoxicating (high.)

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Thanks. :slight_smile: