Another newbie here, first time grow!

Better pic…




On the grow I just harvested, I had 2 plants that done the same thing. I just cut the branches off that were infected and didn’t get 1 seed at harvest. It was some fire smoke also.


I’m of two minds.

One: genetics causes hermaphroditism.

Two: stress can manifest the genetic herm trait more readily than a non-stressed plant.

So let’s say I grow a Blue Dream. I cut ten clones. I grow out 8 of them indoors, and never see a single herm trait - zero nanners, etc. I grow 1 outdoors, and temps get wild in the middle of the summer, and she goes a few days without enough water. Come fall time, she throws a couple nanners. I can pick them off and they don’t come back, because she’s already through the stress that made her worry about self-preservation.
The final one, I flower out indoors again, but this time I expose her to low RH, high temps, extreme drought, and I cut her light down to 10/14. This time she throws nanners like crazy.

The reality is all 10 clones cut from the same plant had the exact same genetic programming. All 10 could have thrown nanners, or not. The two who would have were stressed out and thought they might die before a male could get to them to pollinate naturally, so they self-replicated.

The thing is, if I bred them with eachother, each of the offspring would have carried the exact same risk, whether or not the herm trait ever manifested in any of them. That’s why (good) breeders will stress test their plants. They’ll see their resilience and know whether it’s worth breeding with.

As a total aside, I firmly believe that all cannabis can manifest self-preservation instincts, it’s just a matter of how far you can push them before they will.

So I guess yes and no. It’s genetics, but stress does play a role when the genetics are in between stable and unstable


Wouldn’t the light be a non issue since it’s an Autoflower?

If it auto flowered I don’t think there would have been an issue but seeing as it didn’t and I had to force it with 12/12 (essentially making it a photo plant) that could be the issue. That or it’s just bad genetics all around. Who knows, I guess time will tell. If i dont see anymore pollen sacks I’m going to assume it was the light issue. Not sure exactly which breeder the seeds came from but they were labeled similar to the packages I have seen people post here.


Yeah I guess you could assume it’s a photo

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Watered them again tonight. The GG4 is looking alittle wilty due to dryness and the maui is yellow/green. I’m sure they’ll bounce back like always!

No more nuts so far, that’s a plus. Girls are looking healthy after that watering last night! Maui is alittle yellow but I chaulked that up to nitrogen deficiency or temp changes as it happened when my tstat went bad…

Maui buds

GG4 buds

And who says you can’t grow a plant with natural light in the house?:smirk:

This is Maui 2 from the OP.

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Hope you all are having a great week and a relaxing evening, I have been busy putting in window shakers (A/Cs) in anticipation of the heat!


@DieselGRWR balls to the walls. Just spent the night up in Eastern TN doing a job. Just sat my happy ass down at home after a 3 hr drive back loaded with a car hauler and trash from packing…



Man, if I would have known you were in that Area I would have stopped by on my drive to FL! Would have been better shit than I got in FL! Lol

Im glad I stay in CT for work but as small as the state looks it can take up to 3 hrs to get from central CT to anywhere near NY…I avoid that area like the plague.


Looking good brother. Glad no more nuts!!

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