Another newbie here, first time grow!

Amen. The one auto i did is a 10 gal did good. I added cal mag once a week for good measure, but overall i yielded about 3 oz of flower dried and a good amount of trim for bubble hash. Just remember that a good light accounts for your yield also. Im running a HLG600R and a HLG 320XL in a 12x8x8 room. Im running a HLG300l Bspec and Vivosun vs2000 in my veg room. This is my first time seperating veg and flower so we will see if the investment was worth it when i harvest whats in veg now. I have 3 Grandaddy Purps, 2 Durbin Poison, and 1 Zskittles vegging while I have 4 Sunset Sherberts about 3 weeks from Harvest.

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Yeah, I have (2) spider farm 100w lights and another brand 400w light. Ill probably end up putting the 400w in the tent once the GG4 starts to flower. The (2) photos i have in there are no rush so they can veg under a 100w until the GG4 is done. We’ll see how it goes though. Worst case I’ll set up for 4x4 and all 3 lights. Just trying to keep it simple for now.


Coming up on the end of week 4, should I be thinking about LST, Topping or FIMing?

I’ll post up pics later tonight.

@Graysin @MidwestGuy

Depending on the size of the plants, probably it’s time, yeah.

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Pic, not sure if the leaves are anything to worry about acouple of them are alittle deformed looking. I think i had the circulation fan pointing to close to it. It’s in a 5 gallon cloth planter for size reference.

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I’d be comfortable topping at that size.

They’re getting bigger. I haven’t made the leap to top the auto yet but I did start alittle LST to get the 2 leaves opened up to give the lower ones some light. The lower ones don’t look so hot so i was thinking about maybe trimming those off, good idea?

Im happy with progress so far.

DLI is right around 26
Pots are alittle heavy so holding off on water
76°f ~60%RH

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Well, I have been out of town since Saturday morning. Hopefully my plants are doing ok and made some progress while I was gone. I had someone check on them but it was more to make sure the house wasn’t burning down or the lights fell or something crazy like that. Ill post some pictures later with updates.

Not the best pics, I couldnt see my phone under the light lol


The larger of the (2) maui’s is looking damn healthy.

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