Another newbie first grow is this bud rot question?

Had some definite bud rot on some lower branches near these two buds. Cut these to be sure but can’t really tell if these are just amber pistols or rot ? Any advice or help appreciated. I’ll upload pics below, and you can see some issue on the stem…

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A couple of more pics…

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That not rot. I’d wash my bud and then dry and cure.


Looks like normal brown pistils to me
Congratulations on no rot

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2nd picture shows a mold or rot on the stem.

I know that you can bud wash Powder mildew not so sure about rot.

I saw that and as weird and kinda gross as it is since it seemed to be limited to the stem, I didn’t mention it

As long as it’s not on the buds (or in them) I would not worry about it