Another newbie 1st trial grow

So originally I was going to do this with my computer but it may be easier with my mobile. Check it out see what you think. I’m still learning the forum and I’ll get better as time goes


Welcome to ILGM. It is a good place for growers as you have stated. A couple things stick out right off.

Your space looks nice and your plants look healthy from what I can see.

Your heat appears not too bad but your night humidity could cause problems with mold. Suggest you have a small fan blowing over the leaves to have them gently moving and circulate the air and prevents the occurrence of mold. A dehumidifier will make a big difference but an exhaust fan may also decrease the humidity if run at night for the meantime.

An exhaust fan and charcoal filter will be required if you are growing inside and have neighbors that may not like you growing. The flowering process can be quite stinky (a nice stink) and will tell anyone that pot is growing. A four inch diameter fan and filter should do fine with your space.

CFL lights can be used during an entire grow if needed. You have a 2x2 space (4 square feet) and will need at least 180 watts for the grow. You have 4 - 19 watt bulbs (76 watts actual). Generally you need 45-50 watts per square foot for HPS and 35 for LED. CFL falls in the HPS range I have been told. CFL can also be kept close to the plants (a foot or less). When flowering you will need to go to 2700 bulbs vs 5000 bulbs. They will still flower with 5000 but not as well.

Robert’s Grow Guide can be downloaded on this site for free. It has a lot of good info in it. Hope this gives you some place to start. Jerry


Lower your lights to 20 inches please!

@TxGrowman @yoshi
OK so I lowered my lights they are now approx 6" off my canopy now. I do have a circulation fan running 24/7. I did some venting on my lid and I have been running 78F and about 40% humidity. I’m also happy to report that my humidity maxed at 65% last night with the modification.

Now with the 4" exhaust would an I line fan work with the charcoal filter? Would I be better off using a centrifical fan? Using that set-up would I need an intake fan as well or just use a passive vent somewhere near the bottom?

As far as the lights from what you’ve told me I basically need twice as much lighting. Would and I just be better suited picking up an LED perhaps as opposed to spending a whole bunch of money on more fixtures and more light bulbs? If so a 300 watt LED should be good enough? And lastly if I do decide to go with LED will it harm the plants from switching from one light to another?

I’ll check back in tomorrow once I get my new set of figures. Thanks in advance and thank you for the welcome!

6 inches may be a little close but may be OK as long as you keep an eye on them. I was considering mentioning an LED but I also understand well being on a budget. As long as you understand that an LED is a lot more powerful than CFL and keep it higher off the canopy, an LED is a great choice. I switched to LED and only use CFL for the first week or so to get the seedlings established.

As far as fans, I use a centrifugal fan and a charcoal filter inside the grow space. As long as you have the exhaust coming out the top you should not need a second fan. Having the intake at the bottom will bring cooler air in and take the hotter air from the light out the top. Getting a 190 cfm fan will be more than adequate for your space. The circulation fan inside is a good thing. Hope this helps. Jerry


You can honestly used both lights in sequence actually , I’ve seen a LED panel in the middle with CFL 250 grow lights on each side which did very well , but more light bigger yield honestly . Now my first few grows I had a small 6 inch duct fan on the bottom bringing cool air in the tent and a 190 Ventech inline centrifugal fan exhausting hot stale air out and in late flower I had to used a dehumidifier to lower humidity , but now I have 2 inline fans , the 190cfm on bottom and 440cfm on top with speed controllers and I don’t have to used a dehumidifier anymore cause I can pretty much control temps and humidity inside the tent on demand by adjusting fans and speed I can raise or lower temps and humidity in the tent and I run almost 500 watts of Led in a small 2x2x5 tent .


@TxGrowman @yoshi

Wow thanks! I have a pretty good idea what I’m going to need for my space now. So I decided to go with the LED ( mars hydro 300) From what you told me that should be perfect for my space. I’m sure I’ll find a used for my existing CFLs. One thing I’m quickly figuring out is I’m a little cramped In my space. I need to find somewhere else for at least a couple plants. I’m also checking out fans and filters. They will be coming soon! I would love to see your guy’s growspace one of these days. Kinda give me ideas for my next venture lol!

Now I know I have a transplant due here very soon. When do you think a good time to flower will be? I was thinking in about 10-14 days. After I get my light and a dehumidifier.

On a side note I think I have my temperature and humidity dialed-in now. I’m running 75-78F and 40-55% humidity.

What do you think? Am I on the right track? Thanks again :slight_smile:

Sounds like you are on the right track.

On switching to flowering, figure that the plant will grow 1 1/2 to 2 times the height that it started at when you switch to flowering. That is the typical growth. Keep 'er going !

My grow box is in my Journal. Strawberries In The Grow Box If you want, I can provide you with a couple different views. Jerry

Wow that looks great. Looks like your using the same light I’m planning on getting. I noticed yours is growing short and bushy. Is that because you had your lights lower from the start. Or is that just the strain. I gotta say if they double in flower then I need to do it asap. My big one is already 15". That will take it straight to the top. Do you have nutes going? Have you been topping and pruning?

Edit: yeah I read farther down. Forgive me stupid question lol.

This Strawberry Kush strain is genetically short and I did put the light lower fairly fast. It is really a nice strain for small grow spaces. I most likely could have let it stretch a little but decided not to. The plant is in 25th day of flowering, is less than 18 inches tall, but looks really nice.

I did have a Super Silver Haze that I grew last time that is a tall plant and I topped it (modified Mainlining) so I had four big cola’s and it did well. I was in the hospital when it finished and my cousin finished it for me.

Here is the grow. Super Silver Haze in Grow Box!

Hope this helps. Jerry